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Artisan Upgrades for Cylinders

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For cylinder upgrades, see Cylinder Upgrades.
For cylinder gem upgrades, see Gem Upgrades for Cylinders.


This is a list of Artisan Upgrades that are allowed for certain weapons. Note that some stats may be not applied (this results in 0 additional points in the respective stat), and if they are, they will be randomly rolled to see which stats the user will get to increase or decrease. These upgrades are only applicable on the 4-4 upgrade on the weapon and require 100 proficiency to perform. Note that weapons that qualify for Artisan Upgrades do not necessarily qualify for Special Upgrades.


Demonic Abyss Cylinder

  • ???

Demonic Hellfire Cylinder

  • Max Damage +3~4?
  • Strength +?~40?
  • Max HP +4~6?