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Astral Pet Box

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March 28th, 2016 - April 17th, 2016


The stars are aligning and the constellations themselves have come down to aid you with the brand new Astral Pet Box. Containing a random whistle that summons one of these stellar pets, as well as potentially rewarding the Fallen Fairy and Spirit of Tuan pets as well! We've also dropped the price of the Pet Adoption Medal by 50% in case you find an Astral pet you just know a buddy would like!

Sale Dates:
Monday, March 28 - Sunday April 17

Astral Pet Contents:
Each Astral Pet Box contains one of the following pets, awarded randomly:

Pet Adoption Medal Notice :

  • Pet Adoption Medal will only be sold as a bundled package, this does not apply towards individual purchases. Discount is already applied at checkout
  • A medal must have a pet associated with it to be traded.
  • An adoption medal seals the associated pet. Once sealed, the pet can only be traded with one other player.
  • A single pet can only be sealed up to 5 times.
  • The pet's inventory must be completely emptied before sealing.
  • The name of the pet must be changed upon adoption

Payment Limitations:

  • The Pet Adoption Medal can only be purchased with NX Prepaid.[1]


Inventory icon of Astral Pet Box

2 × 2

The Astral pet box contains a number of fabulously constellation-styled pets! Featuring the Astral Nimbus, Astral Scooter, and many more!

Inventory icon of Astral Pet Box

2 × 2

Limited Edition! Monday, March 28 - Sunday, April 17. This magical medal can hold a pet for adoption, allowing it to be shared between different players. (Each pet can only be adopted 5 times, and will have to have its name changed upon adoption.) This item will not work on limited time pets, and this item may only be purchased with NX Prepaid.