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Balloon Festival Gift Box III

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Inventory icon of Balloon Festival Gift Box III

2 × 2
Stack: 100

A box containing goodies for the Balloon Festival. Open it up to get Balloon Festival Coin x15, Nao Soul Stone (Event) x10, Full Recovery Potion (Event) x10, Golden Experience Fruit (100%) x2, and a Skill Training Seal (25) (Event)!


Item Quantity Expires Trades
Balloon Festival Coin 15 NoExpire CharacterBound
Nao Soul Stone (Event) 10 NoExpire AccountBound
Full Recovery Potion (Event) 10 Expires7Days AccountBound
Golden Experience Fruit (100%) 2 Expires30Days TradeLimit1
Skill Training Seal (25) (Event) 1 NoExpire AccountBound


Cannot be sold to NPCs.
Cannot be sold in personal shops.
Cannot be traded with others.
Cannot be dropped.
Cannot be stored in pets.
Cannot be stored in the bank.

Methods to Obtain

  • Balloon Festival Event, awarded to all players on the server if the weekly Balloon Festival Collection Stage only reaches Stage 3.