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Category:Barri Dungeon

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Minimap Dungeon lobby 01.png
Barri Dungeon's Altar of Goddess.
A room inside Barri Dungeon.

Barri Dungeon is a subterranean mine located at the heart of Bangor. It was first designed to become a dungeon, but ore was found during construction, then it was repurposed into a mine. Further digging uncovered water, which was rerouted into Bangor's watermill.[1]

The dungeon is akin to any other dungeon, with the exception that ore deposits can be found and mined for metals used in Refining and Blacksmithing. Ores can be found in both dungeon rooms and hallways. When a player comes across a section of the dungeon with mining veins, there are essentially 4 piles to mine from. Floor 1 has 8 veins to find. In Barri Spirit Fossil Dungeon, there are 8 piles of Ores, all at the end before the Boss Room. There's a random chance to obtain 1 or more Spirit Fossil from each pile, and all other ores mined from these piles will be Iron Ores.


  • Behind the statue in the lobby, there's a sign that says: I love you, Ibbie -Sion-



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