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Bassanio's Reply (Content)

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You may have been looking for Bassanio's Reply, as an item.

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Bassanio's Reply (Content)[1]
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Bassanio's heartfelt reply to Portia. Only a scalywag of the highest order would read such a personal missive.

Obtain From Generation 15 "Gold and Silver" quest.
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Bassanio's Reply

Written By Bassanio

Portia! Oh, my sweet lovely Portia!

Your letter sets my heart ablaze, and leaves me short of breath.
I miss you with every fiber of my being. Never have I felt a longing so deep and so consuming.

I must be honest with you as well, sweet Portia. After I left Filia, I vowed to forget you. The night before I departed, your father came to me. At first I was overjoyed, thinking he had finally accepted my as a worthy husband for you. But he crushed those notions with two words... "Never return." My heart was shattered, and I resigned myself to my fate. I left, and roamed the world aimlessly, indulging myself for the sole purpose of drowning my memories of you. Oh, Portia...I've been such a fool in my indiscretions. Please forgive me, my darling.

But...all those dark times are behind me now. I have the light of your love to guide me out of my despair. You have saved me, Portia. You may think it ridiculous, but your warmth and memory have never left me, no matter what. That small part of you that stayed with me has given me hope, and a reason to live. I want to live for you, Portia. Let that be my goal, then, the meaning for my very life. I want to be the kind of man that you deserved...the kind of man your father would have approved of. Have no fear, my darling...with your love guiding me, I cannot fail.

my journey will never end until I am by your side, dear Portia. I am tired of life without your touch, without your smile. Wait for me, my love...I will be with you soon!

All my love,

- Bassanio -