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Behold the Dungeon - Advice for Young Generations

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Behold the Dungeon - Advice for Young Generations[1]
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A book that summarizes the meanings of dungeons to the youth. It can be seen as an introduction to dungeons.

Obtain From Piaras
Price 620
Tradability Tradable
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

Written by Meriadeg

Long time ago, an evil storm swept through the land and disrupted the peace in Erinn.

The Evil Fomor Clan!

They ravaged through the town and turned it into bloodshed. I lost my friends and parents, even my child and my lovely wife...

After awhile, the unspeakable heartache and pain slowly turned into reckless courage and rage. They soon started calling me a hero. I guess because I sought and killed as many of those devilish creatures. Perhaps, heaven heard the cry of Erinn...because soon after, the battle with Fomor ended. My fame slowly faded away from the people's minds along with the tragedy of Erinn. Now I live in a small village in the mountains, quietly spending my last days...

However, I hear there is activity from Fomor again, trying to unravel what I've given my life to protect. This is why I'm writing to you. There's a rumor that the underground fortresses, which were built during the war with Fomor, have now become the very stakeout place for them. They call it the 'Dungeon'. I am asking you to please put an end to this, before you go through the same fate as I did. I'll explain how to get into this dungeon to defeat them, so listen carefully.

Currently; Alby, Ciar, Math, Rabbie and Barri are the five dungeons all throughout Erinn. To go into these dungeons, you must offer an item at the altar of the goddess statue in the entrance of the dungeon. Depending on the item you place, the goddess will transport you to different dungeons. You need to get rid of those devilish creatures who are slowly rebuilding there. You can either be a lone ranger or fight as a group, so choose wisely according to your level. Please remember that the fate of Erinn is in your hands. I've had my glory days, now it's you....your turn for glory. As I sacrificed for your generation, do this for the next generation...