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Bella's Notebook (Content)

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You may be looking for Bella's Notebook, as an item.

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Bella's Notebook (Content)
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A book filled with Bella's notes. Its pages are crumbled and discolored with time.

Obtain From Generation 16 "Blood and Death" quest.
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

(The ink in this diary is old and faded.)

Morrighan and Cichol knew the danger. Still, Cichol couldn't stop Morrighan, and now Tir Na Nog is suffering the results of her actions ... (Illegible) ...

Morrighan asked me to watch over a Milletian named Shakespeare. The more I [sic] time I spend with this strange man, the more I enjoy his company. Being with him lets me forget my own purpose ... (Illegible) ...

Morrighan has begged me to save Tir Na Nog. For all her grand plans, the Milletians have only brought more ruin to Tir Na Nog.

Why me? Why don't the Milletians listen to Cichol? And in order to save Tir Na Nog, Cichol ...

(The rest of the diary is too faded to read.)