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Book of Partholon

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Book of Partholon [1]
Book of Partholon.png
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A book containing the secrets of the ancient Parthalonian race.

Obtain From Buchanan in the Shadow Realm quest (G11)
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Tradability Untradable
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Reward Partholon Stone
Crafted Into

Also known as

The Book of Partholon
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

The Book Of Partholon Collection

No. of Pages Collected : ___

Amount Collected : ___%

Collect the pages of the Parthalonians.

A book that contains the secrets of the ancient Parthalonians. But important pages are missing, so the book cannot be deciphered. Find the missing pages.

You will discover the secrets of the ancient Parthalonians when you complete the book.

G11 partholon 01.jpg * Page 1 Collected *

G11 partholon 02.jpg * Page 2 Collected *

G11 partholon 03.jpg * Page 3 Collected *

G11 partholon 04.jpg * Page 4 Collected *

G11 partholon 05.jpg * Page 5 Collected *

G11 partholon 06.jpg * Page 6 Collected *

G11 partholon 07.jpg * Page 7 Collected *