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Broken Torque

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Inventory icon of Broken Torque

1 × 1

This torque seems to have been bent often - it's been broken off in the middle. On the surface, there is writing that has been intricately engraved. It says [Through Any Pain and Suffering].
This was kept at the Dunbarton Town Office. Experience the memory of the owner of this torque by placing it on the altar in the Math dungeon.

Inventory icon of Broken Torque

1 × 1

Given by Duncan, this torque has also been broken off in the middle.It looks like the torque was bent too often.
This is the other half of the torque you got from the Dunbarton Town Office last time. On the surface, the words [We Shall See Each Other Again] have been intricately engraved.
Duncan said to form a Party of 2 and place this on the altar of Math Dungeon.

  • Obtained in the Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess quest, Duncan's Call.
  • Obtained only to drop on the altar of Math Dungeon for a G1 RP dungeon.