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Category:Designer Sets

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Designer sets are equipment items that include the same designer or style title in their name. Some designer sets can produce Equipment Combination Effects.

  • The set must have two or more items of different categories in it to be considered a set (single items, such as the Starlight Robe, do not require a set page).
  • Note: Designer sets are listed here using the name common to all items in the set. Therefore, the Sandra Sniper Suit Set is the appropriate name for this set as "Sandra Sniper Suit" is the common name used in all the items of the set, whereas, the Arish Ashuvain Set only uses "Arish Ashuvain" as a common name in all of its items (and not "Arish Ashuvain Armor").
  • Different gender version items of the same designer set are included as part of that set. That is, the designer set should list items from both genders, as well as show female and male versions of the complete set, if there are gender specific items.
  • If all the items in a designer set can be used by all the races able to equip that particular designer set then there is no need to have separate race specific versions for that designer set. An image gallery should be present to show the equipment for all races.
  • Designer sets that use race specific items (even if not all the items in that designer set are race specific) are considered to be separate designer sets.
    • For example, the Pirate Captain Set has all its items available to all races and therefore has only one designer set. However, the Valencia's Cross Line Plate Set has armor and gauntlets specifically for Humans or Giants but the boots are not race specific. Therefore, there is a Valencia's Cross Line Plate Set and a Valencia's Cross Line Plate (Giant) Set, for Humans and Giants respectively, where both include the same boots but have different race specific armor and gauntlets.
  • Sets do not necessarily come only from the Design Contest events; NPC-based equipment sets and limited edition character card sets go here too.


  • There are a few designer sets purported to have been designed by NPCs; they often have multiple designer sets with their label.
    • A number of real players have also had designs added to the game as the result of community contests.
    • For a list of labels, see here.


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