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Collection Book- The Glowing Stone Bison Statue

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Collection Book- The Glowing Stone Bison Statue [1]
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A book about the Glowing Stone Bison Dungeon amongst the Karu Forest Ruins. You can collect the pieces of the Glowing Stone Bison from the dungeon in this Collection book. When the collection is complete, you will receive a reward.

Obtain From Glowing Stone Bison Statue Rano exploration quest (level 13)
Price 440 (for quest)
Tradability Untradable
Effects {{{effects}}}
Reward Glowing Stone Bison Statue
Crafted Into

Also known as

Statue of the Glowing Stone Bison
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.

- Statue of the Glowing Stone Bison -

No. of Items Collected : ___

Current Collection Rate : ___%

On the first night, He released a stream of maroon-colored watercolor paint into the Lutra River.
On the second night, He gathered a herd of newborn lambs from the Nubes Mountains.
On the third night, He soaked the uncombed lamb's fur into water to prepare it for the dye.
On the fourth night, He soaked the wool fur in the blood red dye.

All the spirits occupying the land, in turn, started fighting each other to claim the blood red wool clothing.

Stone Bison's Glowing Horn

The first obstacle was overcoming the snake.

The spirit appeared in the guise of a snake and started wrapping itself around the leg of the lamb.
He, then, transformed into a feathered bird and swallowed the snake.

Stone Bison's Glowing Tooth

The second challenge was overcoming the tree.

The Spirit had somehow realized that He had transformed to a feathered bird
and turned itself into a tree and would not let the bird sit down.
He then transformed to a sheep and ate up all the trees of the world.

The Stone Bison's Glowing Tail

The third challenge was a flower.

The Spirit had realized that He had transformed to a sheep
and attempted to tempt the sheep as a flower.
He, then, transformed himself into the sun and burnt all the flowers of the world.

Stone Bison's Glowing Hoof

The fourth and final challenge was the human.

The Spirit then caught on that He had transformed into the sun,
and falls asleep after transforming into a human.
Once He fell asleep, the sun turned dark and the whole world turned pitch black.

And all traces of light disappeared.