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Dragon Boat Racing Event (2016)

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Dragon Boat Racing Event (2016) Advertisement
May 25th, 2016 - June 15th 2016


The Dragon Boat Race Event is back! This classic event is here to get you on the oars, racing the clock while fending any that would slow you down. With a variety of tempting prizes and a challenge that requries the very best in teamwork, get together with your friends and claim your rewards![1]


  • Head to the northern-most dock in Courcle, just west of the La Terra Highlands.
  • Fill up a party and speak to the Native Dockmaster to request a Raft Craft, creating a Dragon Boat
  • Man the oars! The more party members on the oars, the faster it will go!
  • Be on your guard: Hobgoblins are on the prowl, and will board your Dragon boat to attack your party and slow you down
  • Complete the race in under 8 minutes to claim a Dragon Ship Reward Box!


A group of players on a Dragon Boat.
  • Click on one of the oars on the sides of the Boat. Your character will start steering and will be unable to use any other skills. However, your character may use any transformations and/or personas while paddling.
  • Eight players may paddle at once, each one making the Boat move faster. However, multiple people steering different directions can make the Boat move slower, but is not proven.
  • Remember that the paddling/rafting skill may be used when stunned or knocked down. This means that as long you are close to the oar, you can instantly start paddling again even if you are interrupted by an attack.
  • Simply click and hold the arrow of the direction you want to turn the raft to steer it. It is better to work in cooperation with your teammates in order to finish the river in time.
  • Click the paddling icon above your head or the 'Cancel Steering' button below the steering arrows to, at any time, cancel steering. You will automatically stop steering when attacked by a monster.
  • Regarding the waterfall, you do not need to steer to avoid it. Even if you don't steer, you will not enter the waterfall. However, this does not mean you can't go down the waterfall. Should the boat be steered right at the fork, you will still go down the falls.
  • There also seems to be a glitch near the fork of the waterfall, where you can enter from the middle and start rafting on rocks.
  • Stamina has no effect on speed whatsoever, but paddling does consume stamina.


DragonBoatRacePrize.png When you finish the race in under 8 minutes, you will get a Dragon Ship Reward Box in your inventory. This item takes up 1x1 slot and when you open it (right-click and press "Use") you will receive a reward.