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Dropped Package

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Inventory icon of Dropped Package

2 × 2

One of Larry's packages that was dropped by the owl. You fished it out of the water. Open it to get items for Larry's collection while the quest is active. Can only be used within three hours of obtaining it.


  • Expires in 3 hours real-time.
  • Cannot be traded or mailed.
  • Cannot be stored in pets or the bank.

Used In

  • Used in the Larry's Swimming with the Fishes Event.
  • Right click and click 'Use' to open and obtain one of Larry's "items" for the quest.
  • You need to open a total of 10 for this quest. Note that the tenth box isn't destroyed for some reason when you activate it, so it must be destroyed manually though the quest is completed and you can collect the reward. Alternatively, should you get the quest again after logging on and off or changing channels (may happen if you finished close to 7 AM PST or if you didn't complete the quest the day before), you can use that 10th box again.