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Elegant Lotus Wand Appearance Scroll

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Inventory icon of Elegant Lotus Wand Appearance Scroll

2 × 2

A scroll that changes a weapon's appearance to that of the Elegant Lotus Wand. You can only use it with a wand-type weapon, and the used scroll will disappear. (Cannot be used on Spirit Weapons or other select weapons.)

General Information

Equipped Elegant Lotus Wand Sheathed Elegant Lotus Wand
Equipped Sheathed
  • Changes the appearance of the weapon to that of a Elegant Lotus Wand.

Dye Details

Part A Part B Part C
Dyed Part Lotus flower Main staff shaft Swirl shaft around the orb and end tip
Palette Used ? ? ?
Part D Part E Part F
Dyed Part Jewel orb at the crux - -
Palette Used ? ? ?

Methods to Obtain

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