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Enchanting Sequences/Accessories

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Name Rank Enchants Onto
Shiny Prefix, A Accessories
Haggler Prefix, A Accessories
Trusting Prefix, A Accessories
Splendid Prefix, A Accessories
Hamster Prefix, A All
Transparent Prefix, A Accessories
Heated Prefix, A Accessories
Colorful Prefix, A All
Hidden Prefix, A All
Stout Prefix, A Accessories
Precise Prefix, A Accessories
Fearless Prefix, A All
Intelligent Prefix, 9 Accessories
Amnesia Prefix, 9 All
Posh Prefix, 9 Accessories
Light Prefix, 9 Accessories
Contemplate Prefix, 9 All
Surprising Prefix, 9 Accessories
Magical Prefix, 9 All
Dependable Prefix, 9 Accessories
Nostalgic Prefix, 9 All
Engineer's Prefix, 9 All
Devoted Prefix, 9 Accessories
Oblivion Prefix, 9 All
Famous Prefix, 9 Accessories
Dice Battle Prefix, 9 All
Pain Prefix, 9 All
Brainstorm Prefix, 8 All
Unchanging Prefix, 8 Accessories
Edgy Prefix, 8 All
Well-groomed Prefix, 8 Accessories
Resplendent Prefix, 7 Accessories
Shooting Star Prefix, 7 Accessories
Everlasting Prefix, 7 Accessories
Awakened Prefix, 7 Accessories
Fantastic Prefix, 7 All
Beautiful Prefix, 7 Accessories
Elven Prefix, 7 All
Angel Prefix, 6 Accessories
Creepy Prefix, 3 Accessories
Eerie Prefix, 3 Accessories
Hideous Prefix, 3 Accessories
Chilling Prefix, 3 Accessories
Name Rank Enchants Onto
Poison Hunter's Suffix, A All
Happiness Suffix, A Handgear, Shoes, Accessories
Wind Suffix, A Handgear, Footwear, Accessories
Bloody Suffix, A Clothing, Armor, Accessories, Hats
Thief Suffix, A All
Safe Suffix, A Accessories
Hawthorn Tree Suffix, A All
Breeze Suffix, A All
Tidal Suffix, A Accessories
Scorpius Suffix, A Accessories
Healer Suffix, A All
Clover Suffix, A Accessories
Tragic Suffix, A All
Sonnet Suffix, A Accessories
Collaborator's Suffix, A Accessories
Libra Suffix, A Accessories
Earnest Suffix, A All
Cruel Suffix, A All
Water Drop Suffix, A All
Sweet Pea Suffix, A Accessories
Merciless Suffix, A All
8th Anniversary Droplet Suffix, A All
Fighter Suffix, A All
Whirlpool Suffix, A Accessories
Shining Suffix, A All
Earthquake's Suffix, 9 Accessories
Companion's Suffix, 9 Accessories
Freezing Suffix, 9 Accessories
Lilly Suffix, 9 Accessories
Gamer Suffix, 9 All
Taurus Suffix, 9 Accessories
Salvia Suffix, 9 Accessories
Virgo Suffix, 9 Accessories
Blizzard Suffix, 8 Accessories
Satisfaction Suffix, 8 Handgear, Shoes, Accessories
Hyacinth Suffix, 8 Accessories
Cadenza Suffix, 8 Accessories
Sleet Suffix, 8 Accessories
Mana Witch Suffix, 8 All
Camellia Tree Suffix, 8 All
Theatrical Suffix, 8 Accessories
Marguerite Suffix, 8 Accessories
Cancer Suffix, 8 Accessories
Thunder Suffix, 8 Accessories
Poison Ranger's Suffix, 8 All
Frost Suffix, 8 Accessories
Weaving Suffix, 8 All
Aries Suffix, 8 Accessories
Restorative Suffix, 8 All
Couple's Suffix, 8 Accessories
Hurricane Suffix, 8 Accessories
Snowfield's Suffix, 7 Accessories
Successor Suffix, 7 Accessories
Tempest Suffix, 7 Accessories
Burst Warrior Suffix, 7 All
Trader Suffix, 7 Accessories
Enigmatic Suffix, 7 Accessories
Loving Suffix, 7 Accessories
Mana Wizard Suffix, 7 All
Knight's Suffix, 6 Clothing, Armor, Footwear, Accessories
Durable Suffix, 6 Accessories
Leo Suffix, 6 Accessories
Archer's Suffix, 6 Handgear, Footwear, Accessories
Gemini Suffix, 6 Accessories
Burst Fighter Suffix, 6 All
Cornflower Suffix, 6 Accessories
Cosmos Suffix, 6 Accessories
Haunted Suffix, 3 Accessories
Terror Suffix, 3 Accessories
Spooky Suffix, 3 Accessories
Urban Legend Suffix, 3 Accessories