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Enchanting Sequences/Bodywear

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Name Rank Enchants Onto
Heavy Prefix, A Clothing
Hidden Prefix, A All
Colorful Prefix, A All
Metal Needle Prefix, A Metal Equipment, Metal Weapons
Fearless Prefix, A All
Briny Prefix, A Magical Clothing
8th Anniversary Water Drop Prefix, A All
Glittering Prefix, A Light Armor
Hamster Prefix, A All
Extraordinary Prefix, 9 Clothing, Armor
Contemplate Prefix, 9 All
Silver Fox Prefix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Magical Prefix, 9 All
Defense Junior Prefix, 9 Heavy Armor
Dice Battle Prefix, 9 All
Nostalgic Prefix, 9 All
Exceptional Prefix, 9 Clothing, Armor
Defensive Prefix, 9 Heavy Armor
Oblivion Prefix, 9 All
Duelist Prefix, 9 Light Armor
Amnesia Prefix, 9 All
Ornamented Prefix, 9 Light Armor
Engineer's Prefix, 9 All
Burgundy Bear Prefix, 9 Metal Equipment
Pain Prefix, 9 All
Protective Prefix, 8 Heavy Armor
Amateur Prefix, 8 Clothing, Armor
Brainstorm Prefix, 8 All
Mint Prefix, 8 Light Armor
Relax Prefix, 8 Clothing, Armor
Chaotic Prefix, 8 Clothing
Vigorous Prefix, 8 Clothing, Armor
Edgy Prefix, 8 All
Innocent Prefix, 8 Light Armor
Lovely Prefix, 8 Light Armor
Spy's Prefix, 7 Clothing, Armor, Footwear, Handgear
Fantastic Prefix, 7 All
Linked Prefix, 7 Clothing, Armor
Reactive Prefix, 7 Clothing
Refined Prefix, 7 Heavy Armor
Restored Prefix, 7 Clothing
Royal Guard's Prefix, 7 Clothing, Armor, Footwear, Handgear
Elven Prefix, 7 All
Dauntless Prefix, 7 Clothing, Armor
Flying Prefix, 6 Clothes, Armor
Basic Prefix, 6 Heavy Armor
Conceptual Prefix, 6 Heavy Armor
Heath Prefix, 6 Light Armor
Mana Wall Prefix, 6 Clothing
Excellent Prefix, 6 Clothing, Armor
Solid Prefix, 5 Heavy Armor
Key Prefix, 5 Armor, Clothing
Sonata Prefix, 5 Armor, Clothing
Knocking Prefix, 5 Light Armor
Sparring Prefix, 5 Light Armor
Long-lasting Prefix, 5 Armor, Clothing
Ancient Prefix, 5 Leather Armor
Stabbing Prefix, 5 Heavy Armor
Superb Prefix, 5 Clothing, Armor
Principle's Prefix, 5 Light Armor
Encore Prefix, 5 Clothing
Stage Prefix, 5 Magical Clothing
Seething Prefix, 5 Armor, Clothing
Replica Prefix, 5 Armor
Fundamental Prefix, 5 Light Armor
Welcome Prefix, 5 Clothing
Marble Prefix, 4 Heavy Armor
Timid Prefix, 4 Armor, Clothing
Rule Prefix, 4 Magical Clothing
Honest Prefix, 4 Armor, Clothing
Pure Prefix, 4 Clothing, Armor
Fickle Prefix, 4 Magical Clothing
Habit Prefix, 3 Magical Clothing
Major Prefix, 3 Clothing
Weekend Prefix, 2 Heavy Armor
Designer Prefix, 1 Armor, Clothing
Rocket Arrow Prefix, 1 Armor, Clothing
Name Rank Enchants Onto
Imp Suffix, A Heavy Armor
Elephant Suffix, A Heavy Armor
Bloody Suffix, A Clothing, Armor, Accessories, Hats
Tragic Suffix, A All
Lively Suffix, A Light Armor
Ensemble Suffix, A Clothing
Breeze Suffix, A All
Trouble Suffix, A Light Armor
Merciless Suffix, A All
8th Anniversary Droplet Suffix, A All
Fighter Suffix, A All
Burst Knight Suffix, A Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Water Drop Suffix, A All
Poison Hunter's Suffix, A All
Hawthorn Tree Suffix, A All
Courageous Suffix, A Metal Equipment
Shining Suffix, A All
Healer Suffix, A All
Earnest Suffix, A All
Cruel Suffix, A All
Thief Suffix, A All
Homunculus Suffix, 9 Clothing, Armor, Shields
Fortification Suffix, 9 Armor, Clothing
Camo Suffix, 9 Clothing, Armor, Gloves, Shoes
Otter Suffix, 9 Heavy Armor
Dangerous Suffix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Pine Tree Suffix, 9 Light Armor
Easy Peaca Suffix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Armor
Premiere Suffix, 9 Clothing, Armor
Flash Suffix, 9 Heavy Armor
Greed Suffix, 9 Clothing, Armor
Embracing Suffix, 9 All
Ambush Suffix, 9 Clothing
Scary Suffix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Gamer Suffix, 9 All
Handicapping Suffix, 9 Heavy Armor
Assault Suffix, 9 Clothing, Armor, Gloves, Footwear
Serious Suffix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Brick Suffix, 8 Armor, Clothing
Life Suffix, 8 Headgear, Armor, Clothing
Camellia Tree Suffix, 8 All
Warrior Suffix, 8 Footwear, Armor, Clothing
Mana Witch Suffix, 8 All
Captain's Suffix, 8 Heavy Armor
Waterfall Suffix, 8 Headgear, Armor, Clothing
Muscular Suffix, 8 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Dark Horse Suffix, 8 Clothing
Weaving Suffix, 8 All
Poison Ranger's Suffix, 8 All
Embroidered Suffix, 8 Clothing
Raptor Suffix, 8 Clothing, Armor
Energy Suffix, 8 Headgear, Armor, Clothing
Restorative Suffix, 8 All
Oak Tree Suffix, 7 Heavy Armor
Ardent Suffix, 7 All
Breakneck Suffix, 7 Clothing, Armor
Opera Suffix, 7 Clothing
Steel Suffix, 7 Armor, Clothing
Burst Warrior Suffix, 7 All
Rock Suffix, 7 Heavy Armor
Challenger Suffix, 7 Light Armor
Cast Iron Suffix, 7 Clothing, Armor
White Horse Suffix, 7 Clothing
Pitch Black Suffix, 7 Light Armor, Heavy Armor
Static Suffix, 7 Clothing
Mana Wizard Suffix, 7 All
Knight's Suffix, 6 Clothing, Armor, Footwear, Accessories
Iron-Walled Suffix, 6 Clothing, Armor
Burst Fighter Suffix, 6 All
Sorcerer Suffix, 6 Clothes, Armor
Daunting Suffix, 5 Armor, Clothing
Invincible Suffix, 5 Clothing, Armor
Diligent Suffix, 5 Clothing
Monster Suffix, 5 Light Armor
Viper Suffix, 5 Magical Clothing
Avant-garde Suffix, 5 Armor, Clothing
Serpent Suffix, 5 Magical Clothing
Champion Suffix, 5 Light Armor, Heavy Armor
Heroic Suffix, 4 Armor, Clothing
Jackal Suffix, 4 Magical Clothing
Prudent Suffix, 4 Magical Clothing
Paradise Suffix, 4 Clothes, Armor
Whisper Suffix, 3 Clothing, Armor
Whisperer Suffix, 3 Light Armor, Heavy Armor
Raccoon Cub Suffix, 3 Magical Clothing
Saving Suffix, 3 Armor, Clothing
Scholar Suffix, 3 Clothing
Avenger Suffix, 2 Heavy Armor
Friend Suffix, 2 Heavy Armor
Humongous Suffix, 2 Clothing, Armor, Shields
Orchestra Suffix, 2 Clothing