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Portrait of Etain
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Pontiff of Lymilark
Location Tara
(Pontiff's Court)
after G25 only
Repair Accessory Repairs, 98%

Track The Scent of Wild Summer Roses
This, too, is surely thanks to Lymilark's guidance.




Her long, pale hair is moonlight dancing off a watery surface and her pale-green eyes surrounded by a forest of lashes convey an aura of mystery. The elaborate medal symbolizing the god of love that hangs around her neck is as heavy as the weight of her duties. Her rosy lips spread into a gentle smile.


Mainstream Story




Track Title
The Scent of Wild Summer Roses
Speaking to Etain


  • Etain makes up for a slightly weak sense of sight with her other senses, with her sense of smell being particularly strong.
  • She was originally from Emain Macha before moving to Tara to live with a relative.
  • Using the Healer's House Keyword on Etain while injured will have her heal the player.