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Exploration Journal

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Exploration Journal[1]
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Book that Stewart claims to have compiled, including the lost portions of the Explorers Journal, written by the wizard that explored throughout iria. If you collect all the pages that have been lost and give them to Stewart, he has promised to give you the book on how to use the Ice Spear.

Obtain From Stewart while using 'the Elemental Apprentice' title
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Tradability Untradable
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Reward gain Elemental Dungeon keyword
Crafted Into

Also known as

The Exploration Diary
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
The Exploration Diary

A diary written by a wizard who was investigating the mysterious powers of Iria was found on the streets with extensive damages.
Each page was magically sealed to prevent anyone from accessing the information, and the pages must have been spread out all across Iria.

If you can complete this diary for me, I will give you a book on Ice Spear in return.

- Stewart-

Page 1

... Right around time when Palala shot across the center of the southern skies, I was walking out of my house with a ragged robe on my left shoulder.

All I had left behind was a note to my long-time wizard friend telling him that I was embarking on a journey to gather up some rare herbs.

I did make sure to pack up a dagger and a set of armor that were both heavily blessed with the Holy Water of Lymilark.

I also made sure to pack up some food and various potions to prepare myself for the long journey that laid ahead...

(The power of magic is in effect,
blurring out the rest of the book.)

Page 2

... It didn't take long for me to reach the coast.

Palala had already disappeared by then, and a long line of tall, strange trees were covering up the sky anyway.

Every breath I took was followed by a quick rush of dizziness due to heavy level of oxygen around the area.

There was a faint beam of light that was being spread out around east of the ocean. Carefully observing the light, I figured that might actually be from Port Ceann, which was far from where I stood.

A sudden rush of loneliness creeped into my conscience...

(The power of magic is in effect,
blurring out the rest of the book.)

Page 3

... Day two of my life in a foreign land.

The warmth of Palala was still evident even as I ventured hundreds of miles away from home.

Oh, the marvelous work of Lymilark...

The first item that reacted to Mana was my old Ice Wand. It was a faint tingling much like a heartbeat of a baby that was just born.

That strange tingling vibration was coming from the wand, and I was able to detect it with the back of my hand.

(The power of magic is in effect,
blurring out the rest of the book.)

Page 4

... As I stood in front of a giant hill on the desert that just never seem to end, I noticed that the concept of time was starting to be distorted for me.

Maybe it's my way of finally accepting the fact that I am at a strange new land, and must succumb to their own set of rules and time.

But before doing that, I wanted to further explore the origin, the core of Mana. Maybe I was just being overly ambitious.

It's been a couple of months since I first came here, and still I fear spending a night in this strange land. It may be a fear of divinity and the holy spirit..

Am I really living...
or am I slowly dying...?

(The power of magic is in effect,
blurring out the rest of the book.)

Page 5

... I am now completely lost. I have no idea where I am at right now. Around noon, as I desperately searched for clues, I found a footprint in the middle of the desert, and tears of joy started running through my cheeks.

Those tears of joy turned into tears of utter disappointment in a hurry. It was my own footprint that I created yesterday.

I had been literally going around in circles the past two plus days.

A faint memory of my happier days lodged in the back of my mind is all that is keeping me from losing it all.

...Oh dear lord Lymilark. Please save me...

(The power of magic is in effect,
blurring out the rest of the book.)