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Extended Crom Bás Support

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Extended Crom Bás Support
December 9th, 2021 - January 19th, 2023


To help out Milletians with the exploration of Crom Bás, we are running support events! Equipment in Crom Bás will lose durability at a slower rate and Milletians will be rewarded with more Adamantine Coins! Check out the details below. [1]

Durability Event Details

  • During the event period, the durability of equipment items decreases slowly.
  • This effect is only applied within the Crom Bás Dungeon.
    • This is automatically applied when entering the Crom Bás Dungeon during the event period.
    • This effect is also applied even when a character dies and re-enters the dungeon.
      • It will not be applied when you exit the dungeon or change channels.
    • The effect does not apply when using Life Skills in the Crom Bás Dungeon.
  • The Blessing effect from Holy Water of Lymilark and the event effect overlap.
  • During the event period, you can speak to Gillach about the event details at the entrance of Crom Bás.
  • This part of the event ends on March 17th, 2022.

Fever Time Event Details

  • Every weekend during the event period (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), the Crom Bás Fever Time event will be available.
  • When you clear Crom Bás, you will get 3 times more Adamantine Coins.
  • The amount of coins rewarded is based on the Dark Erg % level when the dungeon is cleared.
Difficulty Reward Based on Dark Erg Difficulty
Normal Dark Erg % Reward (3x)
0% Adamantine Coin x3
10% Adamantine Coin x3
20% Adamantine Coin x6
30% Adamantine Coin x9
  • Note: If you reach the weekly clear limit (7 times) for Crom Bás, the Adamantine Coin reward is not increased until the weekly reset.