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Extra Talent Event

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June 16th, 2016 ~ Aug 11th, 2016
Extra Talent Event


Double-time it, Milletians! On Thursday, June 16th we're launching a brand new event to help you train up multiple talents at the same time, swapping talents out on the fly and gaining even more exprience to power you up as fast as possible. Take a look at the details for the Extra Talent Event below![1]


Bonus Talent.gif

Event Dates:
Thursday, Jun 16 - Thursday, Aug 11

Event Details:

  • Click on the icon to the right to select a second, Bonus Talent
  • Both the Bonus Talent and your Main Talent will be considered active during the event
  • Bonus XP will accumulate for both talents
  • Change your Bonus Talent at any time, no need to Rebirth!
  • During this event, all players, regardless of their accumulated levels, will be able to Rebirth once per day!


  1. http://mabinogi.nexon.net/News/Announcements/1/00IwC/extra-talent-event