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Face-changing Statue

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This entry is for the book Face-changing Statue, not the human exploration cap quest.

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Face-changing Statue[1]
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One explorer's account of the Karu Forest. It says that the explorer had passed by a statue with a face-changing statue while lost in the woods.

Obtain From Level 15 Human Exploration Cap Quest
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Tradability Untradable
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Also known as

The Face-Changing Stone Statue
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- The Face-changing Stone Statue -

By Yetkins, Explorer

Exploring Karu Forest

I had just crossed the Muyu Desert and had finally arrived in Karu Forest.

I'd been to the desert a number of times to explore, but never to the forest until then.
Compared to all the animals that I'd come across in the desert, the animals in the forest seemed much tamer. The forest was so thick, it obstructed my view, which in turn considerably slowed down the exploration process.

I walked carefully eastward and saw the Lutra river just as I'd expected.

Discovering a Rare Statue

It had been 3 days since I'd entered Karu Forest.
Perhaps I was less aware, since I'd gotten used to the new climate.
So deeply immersed in the exploration, I ended up going in much too deep into the forest.

I'd lost my sense of direction and was wandering around, trying to find my way, when I discovered a very rare looking, unique stone statue of a large head.

The Mystery of the Stone Head Statue

So I made a brief sketch of what I'd discovered and went on with my explorations.
I don't know if it was that I wasn't feeling so well, but in any case, I started going round and round in circles. I was lost, but eventually found my way, and when I returned to the same stone head, the facial expression seemed a little different.
I wondered, is it my own perception of it? Or is there some kind of a mystery behind this?

By that time, I'd completely run out of food, so in my desperation, I just went on with my journey.

The Lucky Return

Still unable to find my way, I decided to follow the river.
I thought to myself that I'd expect the worst possible scenario in which I would really be unable to find any food, and decided that I must at least be near water, to quench my thirst if anything.

I packed my belongings and walked east, where I arrived by the Lutra River.

I was very lucky, because two days later, I came across a group of explorers.
Luckily, the explorers guided me to a nearby Mana Tunnel which safely warped me back to the Exploration Camp.