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Find the King of the Desert with 4 of his men

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How to Get Quest Buy from a Quest Board
Quest Cost 464 G
Briefing The interesting thing about the King of the Desert stone statue is that it constantly changes its form. It's that the number of the king's men found around the king's statue keeps changing. Can you sketch the one where the king of the desert is surrounded by 4 of his men, 2 on each side?
  • Sketch the King of the Desert with 4 of his men.
  • Report results to the quest board.
  • 2,060 Exploration Experience
  • 6,210 Character Experience
Info *These statutes are magically hidden and require an L-Rod to be found. They are found along the West wall (left side) of the area that contains the Lizard Mark. The statue has 2 men when sunny, 4 when overcast and 6 when raining.