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Find the Whistling Rock playing 'B'

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How to Get Quest Buy from a Quest Board
Quest Cost 290 G
Briefing Nearby South Mana Tunnel of Longa Desert, there's an intriguing rock people call Whistling Rock, where it features a hole in the middle and makes a whistling noise. These rocks all play different notes, and you may blow into an empty bottle next to it and harmonize with it. Can you find the rock that plays 'B'?
  • Play Tone Bottle G or D next to the Whistling Rock.
  • Report results to the quest board.
  • 357 Exploration Experience
  • 1,932 Character Experience
  • 1 Stone Fragment of the 'B' Whistling Rock

Additional Information

  • Found using Cool Wind L-Rod. Search the desert area just north of the South Longa Desert Mana Tunnel. Make sure to have Tone Bottles G or D (even though the quest says B or G) in your inventory because once you find the correct Whistling Rock, you must harmonize with it using the bottle requested in your quest log.
  • Acquire 'Fragment of Whistling Rock 'B' - Roncadora Collection Quest