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Giant Bugle of Gibberish

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Inventory icon of Giant Bugle of Gibberish

2 × 2
Stack: 5

Magical item that will spice up the chat channel. It will say all kinds of gibberish on your behalf, no matter what you type. This item can only be used once.

  • When used, a random phrase is sent to the chat channel regardless of what is written.


  • 111,111,111 X 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321. And NO ONE CARES!!
  • Beep boop for the win!
  • Dude, are those space pants, cuz that bugle is out of this world!
  • Fufufu...I have a secret power to change all colors to RGB value.
  • Hello? Is anybody in there? Just wink if you can hear me.
  • I drank one of those energy drink things, and now I can stop time with my mind.
  • I feel the searing pain of an unrequited love for Mabinogi. It's brutal.
  • I know it's cheesy...but I feel grate.
  • I learned all my memes from cats on the internet.
  • I'll bet you've never seen a Bugle like this before, eh? Eh? EH?
  • Is that a Bugle in your backpack, or are you just happy to be here?
  • Legen-wait for it cause I'ma gonna be playing Mabi all day-DARY!
  • M-A-B-I, you ain't got not[sic] alibi, you Mabi!! Hey, hey, you Mabi!! Ohhh, yeaaaaaa
  • Pats and patience for newbies please! I need it!
  • Sha na na na na na na, Mabi!! Sha na na na na na!!
  • The world is dark and full of terr...ific cheeses!
  • Weeeeeeee!! Spaaaaaaaaam!! Spam all day and all niiiiight!!
  • What did the buffalo say when he left for work? Bi-son!
  • What do you call a dinosaur executing an aerial attack? A TERROR-dactyl! HA!
  • What doesn't kill you will probably come back and try again!
  • What kind of dog doesn't bark? A hush puppy.
  • Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9. (Sad Bugle sound)
  • Woof! Woof woof! Wooooof! What? Doesn't everyone's chinchilla sound like that?
  • Wow! This Bugle is the best thing that's ever happened to me!

Methods to Obtain