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Guardian Milletian Title (Temporary) Coupon

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Inventory icon of Guardian Milletian Title (Temporary) Coupon

2 × 1

A coupon that can be used to obtain the Guardian Milletian Title. When set as your title, grants Max Damage +13, Magic Attack +25, Critical +15%, Strength +50, Intelligence +50, Dexterity +50, Will +50, Luck +50, Max HP +150, Max Stamina +150, Max MP +150, Defense +20, Protection +10, Magic Defense +40, Magic Protection +15, Baltane Mission Combat EXP +150%, 2x All Skill Training EXP. When defeating monsters as a party in a Shadow Mission, Drama Mission, or Dungeon, party members will receive 1.5x EXP and the title bearer will receive 2x. These stats can be enhanced each level with upgrade coupons that can be used until the maintenance on 6/9/2022, regardless of the title's level. (Not tradable)_

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