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Guide:Searching from your browser

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Did you know Mabinogi World Wiki provides search engine support for browsers? This means you can search the wiki right from your browser's search bar!


Chrome uses a thing called the omnibar which provides both searching and directly going to a page. It's super simple to search us using this browser.

First, you know where it is, right? At the top of your browser under your tabs. For now, open a new tab:

Searching from your browser - Chrome 1.png

Start typing, when it's the top suggestion it will appear in the bar as an auto-completion. You will see this little Tab icon on the right.

Searching from your browser - Chrome 2.png

This is telling you to press you Tab key on your keyboard to search MWW. When you do, you'll see this:

Searching from your browser - Chrome 3.png

Start typing what you want to search for and it will offer some suggestions. It will also show any pages you've visited before below those suggestions.

Searching from your browser - Chrome 4.png

You can use your down arrow key or your mouse to select a suggestion from the list. If you use your keyboard to make the selection, it will look like this and you will have to press Enter afterwards. If you use your mouse it will go directly to that page.

Searching from your browser - Chrome 5.png

And you did it!! Easy peasy.

Searching from your browser - Chrome 6.png


Firefox is not super user-friendly here, but here's how to do it.

First you have to navigate to the website (hey you're already here!!) and then look for this + icon on the magnifying glass.

Searching from your browser - Firefox 1.png

Click it and you'll see this message to add Mabinogi World Wiki to your search engines

Searching from your browser - Firefox 2.png

Lorna says... An extra tip!
Remove the search engines you don't use. Simply unchecking them in the settings does not remove them from your Ctrl+↓ list.
Now for the tricky part. Start searching for something in your search bar and hold the Ctrl key and press the down arrow key until Mabinogi World Wiki is selected. When you continue typing the suggestions will appear.

Searching from your browser - Firefox 3.png

Then you can select an entry with the down arrow key or your mouse to go to that page.