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Hicca's Mom

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Portrait of Hicca's Mom
Hicca's Mom
Race Human
Gender Female
Location Commonwealth of Belvast
(West of the Garden)


She is the mother of Hicca and is a commoner in the Commonwealth of Belvast. She is located in front of the Courthouse.


Hicca's Girlfriend
How to Get Quest

Speak to Hicca's Mom and accept the request to start the quest.

Briefing Please help my poor Hicca! - Hicca's Mom
Additional Information
  • You will need to talk to Hicca and introduce him to another female player.
    • You and the female player must be in a party.
      • Other players cannot be in the party.
    • The female player must be standing near Hicca.
    • The female player must be the age of 13 or below and cannot be Giant.
    • You cannot use yourself as the female player, even if you do fit the requirements.