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Portrait of AeiraFile:Aeira.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Bookseller
Location Dunbarton
Part-Time Job Bookstore
1:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Report From: 3:00 pm
Track Stacking Books Up to My Height
Huh... so, you like those types of books?



This girl seems to be in her late teens with big thick glasses resting on her nose. Behind the glasses are two large, round brown eyes shining brilliantly. Wearing a loose-fitting dress, she has a ribbon made of soft and thin material around her neck.

Aeira is the bookstore owner of Dunbarton. Since she wears a small pair of glasses, she immediately provides the impression that she is the studious type. She is the daughter of Walter, who owns the General Store in Dunbarton.

From childhood, her appreciation of books was extensive, and she naturally came to be the owner of the small bookshop beside the school.

Aeira tends to shy away from people, but her feelings towards Stewart are quite overboard.


Mainstream Story




Secret Shop

Music Theory

Aeira will give Favorable players the otherwise expensive book "Music Theory" for free.

Regular Secret Shop

Aeira has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of NPC Intimacy with her.

Special Coupon Shop

Aeira has a Secret Shop only accessible by using a sidequest reward coupon on her.

Part-Time Jobs

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Track Title
Stacking Books Up to My Height
Speaking to Aeira


  • Aeira's name is often misspelled by players as Aeria (meaning air from the Ancient Greek ἀήρ; later adopted into many languages as aer).
    • Aeira's name, from 아이라, could alternatively be translated as Eira (meaning snow from Welsh), Aeria (see above), Eala (meaning swan from Irish and Scottish Gaelic), and more (i.e. Ayla, Aila, Aera, Aella, etc.). There is no consensus at this time.
  • Aeira likes Anthologies and Cubic Puzzles as gifts.