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Portrait of Aeira
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Bookseller
Location Dunbarton
Part-time Job Bookstore
1:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Report From: 3:00 pm
Repair None

Track Stacking Books Up to My Height


Huh... so, you like those types of books?


This girl seems to be in her late teens with big thick glasses resting on her nose. Behind the glasses are two large, round brown eyes shining brilliantly. Wearing a loose-fitting dress, she has a ribbon made of soft and thin material around her neck.

Aeira is the bookstore owner of Dunbarton. Since she wears a small pair of glasses, she immediately provides the impression that she is the studious type. She is the daughter of Walter, who owns the General Store in Dunbarton.

From childhood, her appreciation of books was extensive, and she naturally came to be the owner of the small bookshop beside the school.

Aeira tends to shy away from people, but her feelings towards Stewart are quite overboard.

Favorite Items

NPC Intimacy

  • By giving desired items, a player can increase their intimacy with Aeira, however, giving an undesired item may decrease it.
  • If a desired item is sold by more than one NPC then the name of the closest to Aeira is in bold.
Desired Gift Price Sold by
Anthology 150g Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites, Zeder
Cubic Puzzle 150g Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites, Zeder

Special Access

Aeira has a Secret Shop, which is accessed by raising your level of intimacy with her. Put simply, you need to give her a number of items that she likes and these are listed in the "Favorite Items" section above. See the "How to impress an NPC" section on the Secret Shops page for more information.

Quests Given

I Want to Cook Something!
How to Get Quest

Become friends with Aeira and talk to her while having the Lucky Guy/Girl title equipped, and not having an incomplete Rab's Dog Food quest.

Briefing Stewart spends countless hours on his research every day, and today's no exception. I am worried he may pass out one of these days, because this is not a healthy lifestyle at all. I even wonder if he eats on time... I want to make something nice for him, but it's so hard to come up with the right ingredients to cook. Please help! P.S. You don't necessarily have to make it yourself.






  • 300 Experience Points
  • 520 Gold
Additional Information

Requested food items and gold recieved may vary. It can be obtained from the cooking quests sold by Glenis (these involve collecting ingredients only, use of the Cooking skill is not required). If a player does not wish to do a cooking quest then some of the food items can also be bought from Glenis.

To Stewart, With All My Heart
How to Get Quest

Finish I Want to Cook Something! quest.

Briefing Thanks to your help, the lunch box is ready! I'd like to ask for one more favor, if you don't mind. Would you please give this to Stewart from me? I don't think I can handle giving this to him myself.
  • Deliver the Lunch Box to Stewart
  • Receive Potion from Manus
  • Talk to Stewart
  • Talk to Aeira
Additional Information

In step 2, when you go ask Manus about the potion one of two things will happen:

  • A cutscene will start when bringing the Unidentified Potion to Manus, and he will eat the lunchbox. Stewart will tell you to pretend he got the lunchbox. (Manus got a stomach ache from the lunchbox.)
  • Everything comes out fine and Stewart gets the lunchbox.

After completing the quest you will gain a keyword that suggests you ask people if anyone else knows about the secret lunchboxes Aeira has been making. Using the keyword once will make it disappear.

As long as you have the Lucky title equipped, she will request a different cooking mission each month, providing the keyword after each successful delivery to Stewart. It appears as though this quest may still continue the next time you do the cooking quest.


Part-time Jobs

  • When doing the part-time jobs on Alban Elved (Friday) there is a 20% increase to the experience points and gold rewarded for completing them.



  • Aeira's name is often misspelled by players as Aeria (meaning air from the Ancient Greek ἀήρ; later adopted into many languages as aer).
    • Aeira's name, from 아이라, could alternatively be translated as Eira (meaning snow from Welsh), Aeria (see above), Eala (meaning swan from Irish and Scottish Gaelic), and more (i.e. Ayla, Aila, Aera, Aella, etc.). There is no consensus at this time.


Aeira Cooking.jpg
Aeira's attempt at cooking during a quest.