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Letter from the Past

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Letter from the Past[1]
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A letter written by someone claiming to be Ascon. It might hold a clue as to the crook's identity.

Obtain From G14S4 quest "A Letter from the Past"
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
-Ascon's Scrapbook-

"I keep all my letters from Ascon here. My heart breaks a little every time I read these. My poor child..."

Father, Mother, I hope this letter finds you well. Thanks to the 50,000 Gold you sent me, I was able to feed myself for another month and a half. Thank you so much for your help. Unfortunately, things are getting worse here. Last week, one of the food ships sank in a big storm. Because of that, our rations have been cut in half. But my workload, which includes swabbing the deck and mending the sails and nets stays the same. I don't know how long I'll have the energy to do this. Please, if you can spare the money for your one and only son, send me just 100,000 Gold. I should be able to last about 3 months with 100,000 Gold. If that's not possible, please send me at least 50,000 Gold. I think I could stretch that out for about 2 months. I can only hope that the situation will improve soon.

P.S. I recently hurt my back. It's not serious, but my work is making it worse. Could you send me some herbs for my back? -Ascon

Father, Mother, I love you! Thank you so much. Because of your kindness, my back feels a lot better. I think there is hope! With the 100,000 Gold you sent me, I was able to find a possible way out of this hell. With an additional 200 to 300 thousand Gold, I should be able to end my slavery and return home! Please, if you have any love left for me at all, please find some way to obtain the money for me.

P.S. I was recently put in charge of the kitchen. Unfortunately, it's very difficult because there aren't enough pots. I have to cook all through the night to make enough food for the next day. Can you please send me about 20 Pots from the Dunbarton General Shop? I'm so tired of working through the night and not getting any sleep. -Ascon

Dear Arranz, You are so immature! I've done some checking around, and it seems that Vigorin not only comes from a prominent family in Emain Macha, he is also a man of great character. Why do you hesitate to marry such a man? I have to ask you to stop thinking about just yourself. Please consider me, your only brother, dragged to Belvast Island to suffer and toil through a hopeless existence.

I apologize for getting upset. I am truly sorry. But your marriage to Vigorin would be best for everyone. I hope that you will make the right decision.

P.S. Please don't let Mother and Father know about this letter. -Ascon

Father, I'm dying. For the last few weeks, I've been working out in the rain, in terrible storms. I have a fever and awful chills. I see things that aren't really there. But I am still not permitted a moment of rest. If I stay here, I'll die. The only way I can survive is to pay off these pirates and leave this hell forever. I didn't want to worry you, but I can no longer hide the truth. Please, talk to Vigorin. I'm sure he could not refuse a request like this. Don't let me die like this.

I want to live so that I can see you again. Please, get me the money. -Ascon