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Life Skills NPC Shop Event

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June 16th, 2016 ~ Aug 9th, 2016
NPC Shop Event


Crafting is so much easier when you don't have to actually find the mats. NPCs have come to towns across Erinn, their packs full of all sorts of raw materials, ready to give everyone a boost to their crafting prowess. Even Fine materials can be obtained through these helpful little entrepreneurs, so get ready to put your life skills to the test![1]


Event Dates:
Thursday, Jun 16 - Tuesday, Aug 9

Event Details:

  • New NPCs can be found near crafting locales across Erinn. Find them at Dunbarton's Upgrade Anvil, Bangor's Furnace, Emain Macha's Spring Wheel, Taillteann's Oven and Dugald Aisle Logging Camp
  • Each NPC sells basic Life Skill materials, with no limit on the number of Basic Materials that can be purchased
  • NPCs also sell Support Boxes for 20,000 Gold. When you purchase a box, a UI window will pop-up giving you a chance to choose the material you want. Only a limited number of these boxes can be purchased per day.
  • Additional tools have been placed next to the new NPCs to make crafting a breeze!
NPC Shop Event 1.png

Support Box Contents:

Each Support Box allows you to choose one of the below stacks of a material:


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