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Lightning Wave

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Lightning Wave.png


  • Possessed by the Ceraunus and Red Eye Ceraunus pet.
  • Activates AoE skill upon Summoning, damaging enemies nearby.
  • A flash bluish white hue explodes upon summon while lightning spreads on the ground radiating outwards. The lightning spreads as far as Fantastic Chorus's circle yet its range of effect is only a few meters around the pet itself.


Rank N
StackPerCast -
Range at which damage can be dealt to enemies nearby upon summon (m) 10
Min Damage dealt to enemies (N) 200
Max Damage dealt to enemies (N) 350
Stun duration of targets who took damage (sec) 4
Additional Magic Defense that gets reduced for a target that took damage (N) 15
Additional Magic Protection that gets reduced for a target that took damage (N) 10
Magic Defense, Magic Protection duration (sec) 30
Skill CP (Total) -
Stat CP (Total) -