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Lunar New Year Event (2010)

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February 10th, 2010 - February 23rd, 2010

Basic Information

In Erinn, the Lunar New Year approaches. Lions of crimson red have begun heralding the New Year, stalking the wilder parts of Erinn! You can find them in the hills west of the Gairech mining encampment, the plains north of Qilla Base Camp, and the hot desert sands north east of Filia.

Early reports indicate that these special lions aren’t the same as the ones that hunt in the plains of Courcle. No, these ones are special. Their hides, blessed by Eweca or some other magical force, protect them from damage. Adventurers need to band together to overcome these ferocious beasts. If they are not defeated within a certain amount of time, they vanish, only to reappear with full health an hour later.

When the mystical predators fall, they have a chance to drop Rice Cakes, Fried Dumplings, and Red Lunar New Year Costumes. Enjoy the treats from February 10th to February 23rd, and have a Happy Lunar New Year![1]


  • Defeat the Lunar Lion that spawns in Gairech, Qilla Base Camp, or Filia (Near the lizard mark).
  • About two Lunar Lions spawns.
  • Defeating the Lunar Lions will have a chance of them dropping Magic Fried Dumplings, Magic Rice Cakes, and Red Lunar New Years Costumes.
  • The Lunar Lions has Level 3 of all Passive Defense, so any attack will deal 1 damage.
    • However it is extremely weak and it also does 1 damage to you no matter what. Because of this, it is recommended to bring a large amount of people.
      • It is possible for it to hit 2 with its fireball if you have low defense.
  • Lunar Lion Cubs spawn along with the Lunar Lions.


  • The Magic Fried Dumplings may increase or decrease your height.
  • The person who has grown the most on each channel is tracked and announced publicly. This is possibly part of some contest(?).
  • The Magic Rice Cakes increase various stats. Max HP+5 Str+1 Int+1 Dex+2 Will+2
  • The effects of the Magic Rice Cakes seem to last only 24 real time hours.


  • The Event Music is played in an area around them. If you hear the music, you're getting close.
  • After you attack them you have a little while to defeat them until they disappear.
  • Once they disappear you will have to wait one hour (real world time) for them to respawn.
  • If the Lunar Lions are attacked but all players leave the area (to the point that no players can see the Lunar Lions) the Lunar Lion's respawn timers will be triggered.
  • They spawn across channels (?).
  • Mirage Missile is ineffective against the Lunar Lions.
  • The Lunar Lion Cubs do not have the same Passive Defense as the adult Lunar Lions. They die much faster. However they probably don't drop costumes either (?).
  • It has been observed that Lunar Lions can cast Chaincast Fireball (it deals low damage though)
  • The Lunar Lion Cubs have the same drops but at lower rates (?). It is confirmed that they drop one of the food items upon most deaths.
  • Right clicking on a Lunar Lion gives a "start conversation" option. After the lions have been attacked, this has no effect. It has not been tested what happens if you talk to the lions before attacking.