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Mabinogi World Wiki:Policy/Content

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This aims to be a highly detailed and technical specification for how content works on the wiki. For a summary, see here

What content is

Textual content is text written on the wiki within the main namespaces (or also just "spaces") of the wiki. Image content is an image displayed on the wiki within the main namespaces. Video content are videos displayed on the wiki within the main namespaces. Audio content is not currently supported individually by the wiki and would instead be displayed in a video form.

Main namespaces includes those pages which are either not contained in any namespace or is in one of the following namespaces:

Content can be descriptive, supportive, or report data. Content may be found in other namespaces, such as talk, and are governed by the same rules and stipulations. However, you may find more types of contributions than content in these spaces. All content must be accessible either directly or by means of testing & research from the client alone. To put it another way, one must be able to reproduce all content by only using the client as a source of data.

Descriptive content is content such that it describes an object, event, place, NPC, plot, ability, concept, or process within the game. Description is factual in nature and does not use subjective terms or subject matters such as, but not limited to, quality of appearance. It is generally done in words rather than numbers. Descriptions are considered claims of facts present in Mabinogi that should be indisputable. If you are not 100% certain of the authenticity of a claim, seek feedback in the talk space of the relevant page.

Supportive content is content such that it backs up claims made or provides examples. The primary way of backing up a claim in main spaces is in the form of linking to other wiki pages. In talk and user spaces, one may also provide supporting evidence such as research data. An author may provide examples of a categorization or process. In terms of categorization this means providing a subset of applicable contents. For example, "This skill applies to blunt weapons (such as clubs and maces)." In terms of an example process, this applies to all video demonstrations, upgrade sequences, combat strategies, and similar.

Report data refers to text, images, and cinematics taken directly from the game. This includes dialogue, in-game descriptions (such as of items or skills), icons, screenshots of equipment (though the color scheme of items without fixed color schemes must be considered an example), and so forth.

If the nature of a page or section is that it's intended for collaborative research, it is allowed to contain incorrect information, public research methods, probabilistic information, numbers and/or lists of attempts, annotations and clarifications of information (such as: "?", unsure, pretty sure, this is what I've done so far, etc). However, in order to be considered a page or section intended for research, it must include the research template at the top of the respective page or section. When creating a new section for research you should make a new page instead; the section-specific designation should only be applied to current sections that have been deemed not factual enough.

These research constructions are also considered content within this policy as long as the template requirement is satisfied. The template requirement does not apply outside of main spaces but is allowed for relevant pages in the user space.

Main space content should seek to help the wiki audience. Any main space content which is not deemed helpful to a player's Mabinogi experience may be subject to removal.

Where can I get data?

Anywhere. However, it must abide by our specification of content as per usual. Consider, also, that any information presented as current must be assuredly determined to be relevant to the current NA release of Mabinogi.

If data is sourced from foreign editions of the game or news posts regarding future content it must be marked as Template:Unreleased Content. Some people stage foreign or future content in their user space instead of main spaces but this is not required. However, before creating a new page for such content, be sure to search for its existence elsewhere.

The North American Public Test Server is no longer active, however this is the only source from which data collection is banned. If the server is ever reinstated this rule will persist. This rule remains active for previous content released on NA PTS that did not make it into the official release.

Any screenshot or video taken from the game that you use on the wiki, even in your user space, you must have taken yourself. This both confirms authenticity and acceptability of the content enough for you to take responsibility for posting it as well as avoids any conflict that may occur between the author and you or the staff.

User space & Talk pages

When these spaces contain content it must abide by the same content rules. However, other forms of contribution in these spaces do not need to follow these rules. Of particular note, questions may contain what looks like content but a question is not considered content.

These spaces may also contain speculation, discussion, content from outside of the game (so long as it abides by Nexon's ToS and our policy), opinions, and suggestions. These spaces may not contain things such as trade requests or offers, giveaways, or advertisements.

User pages may contain personal information, such as your skill ranks and guild. A user has total control over the contents and write access to the pages in their user space. You may not edit pages in another user's space without express permission.

Talk page content associated with a page in the main space must be relevant to that page. Similarly, talk page content associated with a root user page must be relevant to or include that user.

Contributing content

In main spaces you may contribute only content. This includes corrections to content in meaning, form, and lexico-grammatical ways. You may not completely remove content from a page that is in accordance with our policy, however this does not prevent you from presenting the data in a different or more summarized way so long as all the content is still represented in some way.

You are held response for all content you contribute, in terms of authenticity, correctness, observation of established standards, and accordance to both our policy and Nexon's ToS. However, you are and cannot be held responsible for completeness; it is the job of the community at large to strive for completeness. Other users are permitted to correct these mistakes as well; however, if it becomes a common problem, your editing rights may be revoked indefinitely100.

You do not have to justify every edit you make, though you may be asked to defend it. Keep in mind all established rules here when defending it.

If a disagreement occurs, a reversion may happen. You must respect this reversion, even if done by another user, and prefer to discuss the issue in the talk page for that page. If the matter was discussed and the contribution at issue was restored, future users who take issue must respect this restoration and not revert the page further. However, these users may still voice their disagreement and discuss the matter in the relevant thread.

If an administrator or moderator (collectively considered moderators) reverts a contribution or makes an edit as a deciding factor in a tensioned discussion, argument, issue, or etc. it is an offense to revert it. These are to be considered final judgments and an explicit end to the argument. If one takes further issue it must be presented as an appeal to the moderator on that moderator's talk page.

Image & Video restrictions

Images and videos must have the following effects turned off:

  • Glow Effect
  • Outline Rendering
  • Film Style Post Shader

Color depth must be set to high (32 bit).

These effects may be either on or off:

  • GPU-specific quality settings
  • Full-screen Anti-aliasing
  • Dithering
  • Full Scene Effect
  • Alpha Fog
  • Sky Rendering
  • Rendering Specular
  • Shadow Bluring

With regard to the optional settings, you should use the best settings your computer can handle.

You must not display any client modifications in images and videos. Users must not be misled as to the possibilities of the natural game.

Image-specific restrictions

Uploaded images must be in PNG or GIF format. They cannot be converted from JPG or other formats; this forbids the in-game screenshot mechanism entirely. They must be full-color, 100% quality images. The only exception to this rule are official images that are already in JPG format, such as minimaps.

If this is an informative image, such as for a guide, it may contain annotations such as text and arrows in order to aid the user in understanding the image.
If this is an image of an inventory icon, the image may be cleaned so as to remove the portions of the image that are not part of the item's icon.
You may censor your username in places where its display cannot be avoided, such as the character window. This can be done with a black rectangle.
However, all other modifications, and all modifications in all other instances are forbidden. Of course, cropping is not affected by this rule.

Gallery images & other equipment images

Gallery images refers to the sets of images used to display the piece of equipment typically of the page's namesake. In order to display this image set one must use the ClothingPreview template.

The other equipment images relevant to this section includes:

  • Animated images that display the idle animation of clothing. These must be full-color gifs.

Images intended to demonstrate a piece of equipment must do so in a way that has no other intention besides demonstrating that piece of equipment.

  • There must be no distracting pieces of equipment or hair unrelated to the article in focus.
  • The image must not identify a specific user, guild, or other entity such as by, but not limited to: showing one's username; the use of unique, unrelated equipment; the use of a guild robe when it's not the focus; etc.
  • The article in focus must be unobscured by other body parts, piece of equipment, hair, etc.
  • Similarly, all details of the article in focus that could be visible from this vantage point must be clearly visible, unobscured by colors that hide them. The exception to this is when the article has a fixed color or is a special color release and this image is meant for a gallery page. Black and white equipment items are strictly forbidden.
  • Attempt to crop images to just what's needed. However, when this is a set of gallery images the images must be the same dimensions. It is acceptable to include the head in bodywear images.
  • If you would show the model in underwear, you should wear plain clothing instead. These are the acceptable options:

For gallery images:

  • The character must not be in the process of any animation including idle poses100. However, the character may be in combat mode for images of handwear or weapons.
  • All images must be displayed in the same dimensions within the same gallery set. This spans all races and genders that are on display as well.
  • Images within a race/gender combination should preferably be of the same character and same piece of equipment. If one image in a set violates the policy so that you replace it, you should replace all other perspectives in the set as well. Replacing a set of different characters or pieces of equipment with a consistent set is allowable.
  • Characters wearing equipment must be age 17+ unless restricted by the equipment. In such a case, the character must be the oldest age allowed and no older. This preserves detail.

Public research methods

Though Mabinogi World actively takes the stance of neither supporting nor condemning forbidden actions and methods, you may only discuss any method of research (and implicitly defend its results) so long as it complies with Nexon's ToS. This rule is only applicable to places operated by Mabinogi World, including: this wiki, the forum, our Facebook page, our twitter including messages directed at our twitter, and our IRC channel. This also applies to any web page you link within this network in that if it infringes it will be removed, requested that you remove it (or us) from the tweet, or in IRC you will be kicked.

Public research methods include:

  • Collecting raw data as presented in game, such as descriptions or stats of items and skills.
  • Using known mathematical formulas to calculate stats not directly visible such as defense and protection.
  • Recording large amounts data, such as damage, and using statistical models to provide estimations of your goal that are as accurate as possible.
  • Testing methods against varying sets of conditions in order to ascertain accurate examples, such as combat strategies.