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Can you ferret out the murderers in your midst? Can you stop the Mafia from eliminating anyone in their path? The classic party game of suspense and intrigue has come to Mabinogi!

Mafia is a Minigame that players can participate in. To play, open the Party window (Hotkey: P) and form a Mini-Game Party. You'll need at least 6 participants to begin. If you're assigned to be a member of the Mafia, your goal is to take over the city. If you're assigned to be a citizen, your goal is to identify and stop the Mafia.


The Role UI of the minigame, listing player role, current time (game phase), and time left within the current phase.
  • The mini-game consists of two parts: day and night. During the day, everyone discusses who they think is in the Mafia. If the majority agrees, one suspect will be executed.
  • Once the execution is complete, night falls, and the Mafia and other special roles do their work. The Mafia chooses a victim, and the special roles (Doctor, Cop, Psychic, Prankster), carry out their tasks.
  • As the days and nights pass, the number of living players shrink. If all members of the Mafia die, the Citizens win. If the Mafia is equal to or outnumber the non-Mafia citizens, the Mafia wins.
  • During the game, players cannot use the special chat functions such as Whisper or Party.
  • Each round lasts until all players are ready to vote, or 15 minutes maximum.
  • Players who die become Spectators.
  • After the game is over, the participating players's roles will be revealed.
  • Press the 'EXIT' button on the top right of the screen to exit the minigame area.
    • Players in the game cannot leave during the game without force-quitting Mabinogi.


After the game is over, the players's roles will appear above their head.

There are two essential roles and four optional ones in Mafia.

Mafia Role Citizen.png

Mafia Role Mafia.png

Mafia Role Doctor.png

Mafia Role Psychic.png

Mafia Role Cop.png

Mafia Role Prankster.png

  • Citizen : Average citizens can only act during the day. They must pay close attention and try to figure out who's part of Mafia.
  • Mafia : The Mafia is trying to take over the city. Mafia members can only act at night and must consult with the rest of the Mafia to select a victim to kill. The Mafia might choose to eliminate citizens with strong deductive skills or those with special roles that interfere with their goals.
    • At night, they may converse in a special chat window to this effect.
    • The Mafia has up to 2 minutes to decide who dies.
  • The Doctor : The Doctor works at night, choosing one person to save. If the person the doctor chooses is the same one targeted by the Mafia, that person will survive the night.
  • The Psychic : The Psychic works at night, starting the second night. They select one deceased person each night and communes with them to learn their role.
  • The Cop : The Cop works at night, selecting one living person to learn whether they're a part of the Mafia. If the Cop selects a Citizen, they won't learn their exact role, unless they selected the Prankster.
  • The Prankster : The Prankster works at night to play a prank on someone's clothes or hair, temporarily swapping it with something else. The Prankster's victims play the rest of the game donning the swapped items. The Pranked Items can be:

Spectator Mode

The Spectator role.
Mafia Mini-Game Tableau with information.
  • When the game begins all players will automatically enter a Mafia Tableau that appears underneath the Party Leader.
    • To enter as a Spectator, click it. You'll be able to talk to deceased players and other Spectators and watch the game unfold from the sidelines.
  • Spectators have access to a unique Spectator Chat that Spectators and deceased players can both use.
    • Spectators cannot talk to living players or use the similar Nighttime-Only Mafia Chat.
  • Spectators cannot interact directly with the game, but are free to move around on the sidelines.
  • Non-player Spectators may take on the following appearances:
    • Chick
    • Chicken
    • Rooster
    • Pig
    • Ribbon Sheep
    • Paper Butterfly
  • Deceased players may take on the following appearances:
    • Mini Skeleton

Party Size and Role Distribution

  • Mafia requires a minimum of at least 6 players to start and can have a maximum of up to 16 players.
  • Depending on the Party size, more Mafia will be assigned.
    • A Party of 6~7 results in 1 Mafia member.
    • A Party of 8~9 results in 2 Mafia members.
    • A Party of 10~12 results in 3 Mafia members.
    • A Party of 13~15 results in 4 Mafia members.
    • A Party of 16 results in 5 Mafia members.
  • The Party leader can turn on or off any of the optional roles before starting the Minigame.


Here are some tips from rookies and pros. Read through them to get a head start on the game.

  • Anyone could be part of Mafia. Trust no one.
  • Think twice about revealing your role. The Mafia might target you!
  • Use the Notes section to your advantage.
  • Don't take everything at face value.
  • You can keep your head down and just try to survive, but that's not as fun, is it?
  • Mafia members can pose as the Cop pretty easily.
  • This is the perfect time to show off your hidden acting skills!
  • If there's more than one member of the Mafia, it could be strategic to throw one under the bus.
  • Pay careful attention to who was trying to kill whom
  • Surprisingly, the Prankster might prove to be a great help to the citizens. Never underestimate the Prankster!
  • It's important for the Doctor to stay alive. It's a role that holds great responsibility.
  • You won't be punished for pretending to be a role different from your own.
  • Make every vote count.