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Item Search

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General Information

  • Item Search may refer to:
    • The pet function used to search other player's personal shops for certain items with.
    • Using the Marketplace Shop Board to look up items.
    • Kiosk Item Search to find items in other player's Kiosks.
  • It is a method used to find certain items with a specific name or certain keywords.
    • Searching with a single keyword will bring up all the items with the keyword in question.
      • e.g. If you used the keyword "Holy," you will see all items with the word "holy" in its name, regardless if it is the word by itself, or part of another word.
    • When searching for an item that contains multiple words in its name, use underscores to separate the words instead of spaces. Currently, spaces will result in no item being found.
      • e.g. use "wing_bow" instead of "wing bow" to find a Wing Bow.
    • Capitalization is not necessary.
    • Search using the item's keywords in the correct order.
      • e.g. using "bow_wing" to search for Wing Bow will yield no result.
    • When using multiple keywords, do not skip any words in the middle of the item's name.
      • e.g. using "Dustin_Armor" won't find Dustin Silver Knight Armor because it is missing the "Silver Knight" part. The search is looking exactly for an item that contains both the words "Dustin" and "Armor" right next to each other, and no such item exists.
    • Partial keywords can be used.
    • Using certain characters (such as apostrophes) require the ampersand (&) escape character to precede the said character in question.

Personal Shop

  • Pets have the unique ability to be able to search for items throughout nearby Personal Shops.
  • One can access this ability by right-clicking their pet and selecting "Search Personal Shop."
    • You can also assign a hotkey to easily access this function (Default: None).

Marketplace Shop


  • See Kiosk for more details.