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Marta/Special Responses

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For information on Marta in general, return to the Marta NPC page.

This page lists all of Marta's Pan Speech Bubble Sticker.png special responses.

Equipment Responses

Altam's Armor or Improved Altam Armor

(Marta looks at the clothes you're wearing.)

(Character Name), your fashion sense is amazing! Those clothes make you look, um... even more dashing, I'd say!
I mean, you're still great, even without wearing that outfit... or any outfit... *blush*

Gifting Responses

Any Item

(As you hand Marta a gift, her eyes open as wide as saucers.)

O-ohhhh eeem geeeee... *erratic breathing* (Character Name), i-is this for me?!
Wh-what do I say? What do I DO?
I-I mean... I feel so HAPPY! My heart's pounding like a big bass drum! It's like I'm channeling otherwordly power!

(Marta blushes so deeply, you think you see a wisp of steam rising from her head.)

Squeee! I LOVE it! I'll treasure it like I would a family heirloom...
Still, y'know... since I'm the one getting help from you, I ought to be the one giving you gifts, not the other way around. I know! What if I baked you a place of delicious homemade cookies? I think that would be a perfect gift, heehee~
*sigh* I suppose I should return this to you. But thank you so much for thinking of me, (Character Name)...

Overworld Quotes

  • Enjoy the festival! But not too much, teehee. Stay safe!
  • Oh, hey, I just so happen to be free today... Maybe we can...?
  • Wow, i-it's such an honor to meet the famous Milletian!