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If you need to be removed please email Kadalyn.

Please note that your contributions to pages themselves cannot be removed nor are they considered private information.

What information we collect about you and why

Your username.
You sign in with this.
Any information you store in your preferences. Email, Real Name, Gender, Time Zone, and Signature.
You have access to these and may change them at any time. None of this information is required and you can remove it yourself at any time.
Your Social Profile and User Page. May include your in-game name or etc.
These are for your personal use and you have full access to them.
A GDPR request will blank them entirely.
What you contribute to pages.
For credits purposes and to mark you as AutoConfirmed for more access.
You can access this from your user page and clicking "User contributions"
What you contribute to the forum.
Stored for obvious reasons.
A GDPR request will remove your username and signature from all posts but the posts themselves will remain.
Board messages, gifts, and friends on your Social Profile.
Stored for obvious reasons.
A GDPR request will delete any posts you make and any posts on your board. It will delete any gifts you've received and scrub your name from gifts you've given. All friendships/foe statuses will be annulled.
Your IP address history.
Used in lost password + no email authentication and other moderation.
You may request a list of these for your account by emailing Kadalyn from your associated account. You must associate an email first for security purposes.
Mentions of you.
Typically you can find these by going to your user page and selecting "What links here". You may also search for your username with all checkboxes checked under Advanced -> Search in namespaces.
A GDPR request will scrub these for you.

Other compliance information

This wiki is hosted in the USA in Fremont, California.

It requires an HTTPS connection, protecting your login information.

We use cookies to store your login token and other normal MediaWiki things.

We use Local Storage to record some information such as caching dailies and your entries in variable fields for calculators.

If the wiki is ever breached, a notice will be made on our Facebook.

As the final step in a GDPR request, your account will be merged into a GDPR user, conflating the contributions of all such users. Please note that all steps in a GDPR scrubbing are permanent.

EU residents must be 16 years or older in order to create an account. US residents must be 13 years or older. For other locations, please check with your local laws. This website only officially serves the regions that the Mabinogi NA servers serve. See here for a list.