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Monster Size Boost Event (2010)

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May 19th 2010 - June 1st, 2010
Giant Eweca


Eweca, the chief moon of Erinn, has started to move closer and closer to Erinn in its orbit. Soon, on May 19th, Eweca will be the closes to Erinn than it has ever been. Sure, the bigger moon might give YOU a shiver as you stare up at the night sky, but it seems to have an even more ominous effect on the canines in Erinn.

The wolves, dire wolves, and jackals seem to be...growing. That's not all, either. On certain nights, you can just make out Nao's likeness in the moon. When that rare event happens, the foxes in Erinn grow, too... Sometimes, the likeness of a certain feline appears in the moon as well, and when that happens, raccoons grow larger, too!

Bigger moons, bigger monsters, so what? For starters, you'll get double experience for defeating beasts under the spell of Nao's moon. Also, monsters affect by the various moons during the event have a chance to drop Eweca Shadows, which are special reagents used to create Eweca Shields and Eweca Short Swords. Now, you can only construct these items while the event is in progress, so don't hoard them for later.

Last but least, the moon-dazed beasts also have a chance to drop a cute little Diary Cow remembrance of the cow who couldn't quite make it over the moon![1]

Wolves and other animals will grow when Eweca rises, causing them to drop different items.

Affected Animals

Monster Drops (high drop rate)

Different Versions of Eweca

Top left is the normal event Eweca, top right is the Nao Eweca and bottom is the devCat Eweca