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Name Color Change Potion

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For a list of potions, see here.


Icon of Name Color Change Potion
Size: 1 x 2
Stack: 1
Name Color Change Potion
Effect Changes the characters name and chat box color
Consumable Yes Toxicity 0

A potion that allows you to change the color of your character name. A color that has been changed through a mini-game will remain as that color for one week.


  • Can be traded[1]

Methods to Obtain

Sold By

Obtained From

Resell Value

  • Cannot be sold.

Additional Notes

The Name Color Change mini-game window.
Second tier name color choice viewed by landing on the dark segment with a star.
  • When used, you will be prompted with a mini-game. Spin the wheel and a random color will be selected.
    • You may cancel the mini-game at any point, until the wheel stops.
  • Does not affect Guild Name.
  • The change does not affect the color of your chat bubble or transformation clothing.
  • If you rebirth after using the potion, your character's name color will be reset to its default.
  • Only lasts for a week.
  • Even though it may appear that the way in which you spin the wheel determines the outcome, in reality the color the wheel lands on is chosen randomly.
  • If the wheel stops on black segment with a star, the player will gain a chance to spin for a second set of colors.
  • Each section of the wheel is 1/32nds of the whole wheel.
    • Thus, the chances of picking a certain color you want on the first wheel is 3.125%, and a unique color that you want on the second-chance wheel is about 0.01%.
      • This amounts to an average of about 6,400 NX spent on a obtaining a single unique color and around 200,000 NX spent on obtaining a single unique color (such as indigo) on the second-chance wheel.
  • Warning: If your account is banned while this item is set to expire your name will stay the same colour.
  • Warning: Being attacked at any point of the mini-game will cause it to automatically cancel.
  1. Unless stated otherwise on the page, item variants marked as "(Event)" in their name cannot be traded.