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Natural Dyes

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Natural Dyes is an event mini-game that allows a player to create their own customized dyes, usually offered by Cowan during Connous Beach Vacation Events or the Natural Dye Helper during Doki Doki Island Events.

Instead of a random dye as a reward, the player controls the colors (represented as ingredients) to create a RGB value of their choice.


The basic interface of the mini-game.
The mini-game in progress.
The combining ratio is key.


—Natural Dye Helper, Doki Doki Island Events

The color types are determined with these three icons:

  • Berry.png Red Value
  • Base Herb.png Green Value
  • Blueberry.png Blue Value

Once the game has started, the timer on top of the window will tick down and these ingredients will drop on the screen with numbers of -3, -2, -1, 1, 2 or 3. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the bowl in order to catch or avoid ingredients.

  • You may choose to multiply the ingredient's value by number by 1, 3, 5 or 10 by pressing space while the mini-game is active. This multiplier will show on the bowl.
  • The starting RGB you get is 128.
  • The bowl as well as the bottle icon at the top left of the window will change color according to your current RGB value.
  • Any RGB Value cannot exceed 255 or go below 0. The mini-game will automatically fail if so.
  • You must last the whole duration of the mini-game in order to claim a Natural Dye Ampoule and/or a Fixed Dye Ampoule.
  • After the timer runs out, you may click, at the bottom right of the window, either the Dye Ampoule.png Dye icon to recieve a Fixed Dye or the Metal Dye Ampoule.png Metal Dye icon to receive a Fixed Color Metal Dye of the RGB obtained in the mini-game.
  • The resulting dye cannot be traded but has no expiration limit.

Event Guidelines

  • You may try again as much as you want, but exiting the window will forfeit your chances for a dye for the day if you have not selected one.
  • Exclusive to the Doki Doki Island Events, completing this mini-game also rewards a Natural Dye Ampoule, which uses the bottle icon, for another quest.
    • This item may be reobtained as many times as needed.


  • You can manually press the 'end' button if you wish to restart and/or know you won't make it to the desired color in time.
  • Work with bigger bowl multipliers first to get closer to the wanted values, then work down with smaller multipliers for the finish.
  • If aiming for a pure white color (255, 255, 255), catch one -3 of each ingredient on x1 then keep the bowl on x10 to avoid having to do pure maths at the end.
  • If aiming for a pure black color (0, 0, 0), catch a +2 of each ingredient on x1 then keep the bowl on x10 to be able to round up the number more easily.


  • The starting RGB of 128 is also the value set for items that are normally undyable in the game but that still have a dye slot.