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Nexon Q&A 5

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This chat session took place on Tuesday, July 19th from 10pm - 11pm PST (1am - 2am July 20th EST).

Forum Questions

Q: Will we ever get the picture chat feature? I'd love to see some good art from others. :D

A: We've thought about implementing this feature, out of concern for abuse, we decided against it.

Q: When will De-Personalization Potions be available for NA?

A:It will be available in the G14S5 update

Q: Korean NX Ego repair potions "bless" ego weapon to slow durability loss while NA ones simply repairs. Will NA recieve this potion as well?

A: It will be available in the G14S5 update

Q: When will the "New Premium Pack" mentioned in earlier Q&A be available?

A: That is still in the works, so we don't have a release date yet.

Q: There were obvious problems with hotkeys when the the second row was introduced, and you took that feature out in short order. However, a few of us, such as myself found the second row as useful as you thought we would. Since you had said that you had planned on making the second row of hotkeys purely an option in a later update anyway, is this option still in future plans?

A: Yes, we're planning to release in the August G14S5 update.

Q: I've heard a rumor that Port Ceann was being deleted at g15 due to low traffic, but haven't seen any hard evidence of this. Is it true or just nonsense?

A: Yes, Port Ceann will be removed in the G15 update

Q: Will there be a spirit weapon renewal? As most players know wand spirit weapons are pretty useless which is sad for mages.

A:Our last content update increased the damage of spirit weapons, so there won't be any spirit weapon renewals anytime soon, but if we find it necessary to change or increase the spirit weapon damage we'll make sure to let you guys know.

Q: Will wands and staves be dyeable at some point (or parts of them)? It's the only classes of weapon in the game that are completely undyeable and it limits our creativity.

A: Those particular items aren't dyeable and we don't have anything planned in the near future.

Q: What are the next magic skills for the game and when will we receive them? Any info or hint close to this would be much appreciated!

A: We'll let you know in our future patch note of all the new skills that become available.

Q: Will the battle mandolin be released yet?

A: It will be available in the next Soldier Gachapon

Q: I saw that one of the other Mabinogis had a "Quest Inventory" for quest items, and other semi-quest related items (Brionac, Avon Feather, Tarlach's Glasses, Romeo & Juliet/Hamlet play scr1pts, etc.) Is there an ETA on this glorious, and much needed feature? Are we getting it at all?

A: This feature will be included/available in the G14S5 content update.

Q: What is being done about dupers? In Ruairi, they are now using duped gold to purchase castles (300 million gold bids). They are only auctioning off houses for guild members now (using duped gold to win house auction so no one outbids them). As soon as they own all 4 castles, no one else will be able to own a house.

A: We are aware of these issues and appreciate your concerns; we will have an official response regarding the hacking issue later in the week.

Q: As you may have noticed there have been multiple events in game breaking glitches as well as significant exploits with hacks. Do you have any plans on resolving this? Currently in Tarlach, (since that is the only server I play) the economy has reached hyper-inflation and it makes it difficult for almost any new player to participate in its market.

A: We aware that the market is definitely inflated and we're working with DevCat to come up with ways to remove gold from the game without punishing the players.

Q: I heard that in future patches there will be a re-buff for Archers. Melee has received a buff as well and currently magic did seem to have a small buff but it required a lot of AP for small increase. Will there be changes to mages in the upcoming patches?

A: There wont be any changes in the G14S5 update, but there will be a few minor changes here and there but nothing too significant.

Q: Not sure if this is true, but in Korean Mabinogi a person can go higher than 999 stats. Will we ever receive this uncap as well?

A: As you know Mabinogi KR is several years ahead of us and there player base greatly outnumbers ours. So features like these are warranted in KR service, but if we find it necessary we can definitely see this in the NA services as well

Q: Thames Plate Armor/Helmet/Gauntlets: When will they be implemented and where will they come from?

A: We don't have a set date but look for them in a future Gachapon.

Q: Will there be a way to encapsulate and trade pets in future updates?

A: Yes, there will be a feature where pets can be traded amongst your pears. This will be available in the G14S5 update

Q: I keep hearing rumors there's a new event that's going to give Hebona Robes (Possibly the set?) (No, not the Hamlet Delegation event.) to devalue them.

A: There are new event's that has the Hebona robe as a reward item.

Q: Is there plans to fix the broken Wind Guard? When using Windmill while Wind Guard is active, my character "uses" the skill, I lose HP, but I do not hit nor damage anything within the radius. It just runs through the animation.

A: We fixed the issue where Windmill wouldn't do any damage while Wind guard is active.

Q: The guys now have the Elatha Costume which is basically an Incubus outfit. So might the Succubus outfits ever possibly be brought back as a permanent item in either a future event or in a gachapon?

A: A permanent Succubus outfit is definitely possible, but we have nothing planned at the moment.

Q: Certain players are still taking advantage of hacks and are crashing people in game. Is this issue still being worked on?

A: We identified many of these issues and have made our fixes.

Q: Do you have any plans to release some of the old items in a event? They have become very overpriced due to hacking, such as Hebona/Cressida/Volc/tidal cylinder/Upgrade stones/dyes?

A: It's definitely possible

Q: Will Port cobh have a part-time-job that will give upgrade stones?

A: Port Cobh will have Part-Jobs but upgrade stones will not be part of the reward list.

Q: Are we still going to get the shadow bunshin skill?

A: Due to the general consensus we will be re-evaluating the idea of releasing the Shadow Bunshin skill.

Q: Since you said in G14 S4 annoucement... that we would be getting vibrant colored metal dyes to dye our armor and weapons. Will they be in fixed color, or does it follow same palette as normal dyes?

A: It's a fixed metal dye

Q: Have you guys thought about resetting the seal stones... like every month..? Most of the seal stone breakers we have in game quitted game long time ago, and it would be nice to let everyone have a chance at obtaining the titles from breaking the seal stone every month, kinda like discovering the Iria dungeons.

A: We thought about it, and having the seal stones reset every month its value, its importance… and we don't want to take that away from the player.

Q: Maybe bring back dragons for the rest of the month? (Pwease ;~;?)

A: Maybe…

Q: Will there be a double rainbow event any time soon?

A: Not anytime soon… sorry

Q: Will there ever be a name-changing feature in Mabinogi?

A: There's nothing in the works.

Q: Will more content/events be released to appeal to the PvP (dueling) community? Ex. Weekly Dueling Tournaments?

A: We've discussed about doing a monthly PVP event, but nothing is in the works.

Q: Will hamlet's Rapier ever become obtainable?

A: Yes, the Rapier will be obtainable, but we don't have a finalized date as to when it will be released.

Q: Will you ever bring the old events back?

A: We're currently looking through the “Favorite Old Event” entries you guys submitted and are planning on a date for its re-release.

Q: Why do you keep making these live chats so late at night for Eastern Time?

A: We want to give our players the opportunity to find out and/or discuss about content releases and future updates during the patch/maintenance. Unfortunately we cant have the Live Chat during operation hours so the ideal time would be during the maintenance.

Q: Since there's no more dragons, what's going to be the next amazingly awesome pets?

A: Tiger Cubs are pretty awesome no?

Q: Will there be another convoy event, because it's such an awesome event!

A: Thank you for your kind words will make sure to come up with an event as awesome as this one.

Q: Mabinogi International Costume Design Contest. "The costume will be introduced in 2011 (Exact timing will be at Nexon and developer's discretion)." With just over 4 months left in 2011, has then been entirely forgotten, and have participating players ever received their unique designer hats?

A: The participants have received their unique designer hats and we have not forgotten these amazing designs. We are anxiously waiting for the completing of these designs and you guys will definitely be the first to know.

Q: What are you going to do to improve mass E-mail distributions to players? There clearly still is a problem with it. Despite completing Del's Flower within the terms of the event on several characters, and despite white-listing all those Nexon E-mail address you gave us last December (when Nx was distributed) to make sure your E-mails get through, I still never got any E-mail with codes for Spring Flowers. The very notion that your E-mails might not get through to us is very unnerving considering that we might not ever get a message that is more important than the events.

A: We thought this was operating well, thank you for bringing this to our attention clearly we're not meeting your expectations we'll work to improve this functionality.

Q: The front page lists that some monsters can be tamed at 100% hit points. Does this mean that the success rate after damaging the monster is higher than before as well, or merely that the option is available now?

A: Monsters can be tamed at 100% hit point. You no longer have to damage the monster to 50% in-order for you to tame them.

Q: As a chef, having an even more difficult time creating 5 star dishes bothers me. However, since it's inevitable, I'd like to ask exactly how and what makes creating 5 star dishes more difficult after the upcoming update.

A: The recipe quality was changed as follows:


Above 80 = best (5 Star Points)
Above 40 ~ 80 = better (4 Star Points)
Above -40 ~ 40 = normal (3 Star Points)
Above -80 ~ -40 = worse (2 Star Points)
-80 or below = worst (1 Star Point)


Above 95 = best (5 Star Points)
Above 75 ~ 95 = better (4 Star Points)
Above 55 ~ 75 = normal (3 Star Points)
Above 35 ~ 55 = worse (2 Star Points)

Q: This update's notes seem to be only half of the g14s4 content. Are the other details left out or you guys splicing it into multiple updates?

A: There is the G14S5 content that you're probably referring to.

Q: I heard Mirage Missile's damage is increased g14s4, Is that true? Whats the difference(other then slowing the enemy)?

A: The Mirage Missile change will be in the G14s5 content.

Q: Alot of new Journal stuff seems to be being added, but Do you ever plan on fixing the current journals?

A: We're trying to fix this issue but we're unable to reproduce the issue. Please take a before and after screenshot of your journal entries and submit a ticket of the discrepancies.

Q: When is the aim % increase coming to NA?

A: It will be released/available in G14s5

Q: After the aim % rebalancing, What factor effect aiming speed?

A: There will be archer rebalancing in G14S5 and archers will get 100% Aim, but there will be a half second delay from 99% to 100%. Arrow Revolver skill will become more powerful, damage will be added for each shot; for example; Arrow Revolver shoots 5 arrows and the damage increases after each shot

Q: With Port Cohb being release is there any talk about introducing "Sailing" in the Ocean?

A: You have something to look forward to in the G15 content. It won't be individual sailing but it will be a big ship to sail on.

Q: Will the giant race get more clothing in the future? or is there plans for some of the old clothes such as Idol Ribbon Dress for the giant race?

A: There will be new clothes available but it'll be available for all 3 races to wear

IRC Questions

Q: Any plans to [ask KR to] rewrite the server software to actually have security? :3

A: DevCat are looking at other possible security options but we dont have anything specific that we can announce

Q: what do you plan to do to stop all these gold selling bots in mabi? the problem continues to get worse as they get bugels

A: We're planning to add level restrictions to the bugles

Q: How long will it take us to get g15?

A: in the next few months or so.

Q: While we prepare for the next major update Sabina will have lots of events for you guys to win awesome prizes.

A: Do keep an eye out for those events :)

Q: Why are you guys making cooking harder this update?

A: We want players to appreciate each dish they make and getting an achievement(journal entry) will be that much more satisfying

Q: Is this the update with the new island of Fomors? :O

A: No, this update is Port Cobh

Q: What new things are coming out this update?

A: New Cooking, Taming, Fishing Journal entry, New Area: Port Cobh, and tons of others that I wont have time to answer

Q: Do you consider the constant use of the "Party wanted" broadcast feature to advertise for buying, selling, public announcements and chat to be a problem, and if so, do you have any ideas on how to resolve it?

A: We do find it problem, and we're planning on putting level restrictions on the Bugle announcement horns

Q: Will king crabs be sold at the new Port?

A: Maybe if you fish long enough... :D

Q: Will we ever get larger gold bags?

A: There's nothing in the works for a Larger Gold Bag.. but its definitely a good item to have.

Q: Will there be improvements to the homesteads? such as using production items when the owner isn't there, summoning pets on the homestead, and going into your house.

A: There's are no renewals or updates to Homestead anytime soon.

Q: Is there anything in this update, or future updates to help fix the problem of a partymate going afk with a dungeon key?

A: There's nothing in the works for Dungeon AFK'ing, but its definitely something we should look into.

Q: Is Port Cobh going to be our new Dunbarton? I.E; revive, public shops, etc.~

A: It would be nice to have similar traffic flow as Dunbarton.

Q: Is there any new magic skills planned for the future?

A: Yes, we do have a few magic skills/changes/updates but nothing too significant.

Q: Did you name your bot ferghus as a joke about it breaking a couple chats ago?

A: <NxKazo> Maybe, im not to sure you got to ask the Mabinogi World Reps :D
A: <+hime> Hahaha... that is a question for Odin and others. XD
A: <Odin> Yes, I called it Ferghus, because I wasn't sure if it would survive or not

Q: When will larger gold bags be implemented? I.E. Larger than 50,000.

A: Just found out that it will be available in the next Gachapon list.

Q: Are you thinking about releasing fennec foxes as pets anytime soon?

A: There's nothing in the works...

Q: Are there any plans to make hotkeys more customizable? For example, making the top F# bars bindeable to different keys, so you could free up the F# keys to use for other bindings like pet summons.

A: I'll let DevCat know and see if this is a possible.

Q: Why was Mabinogi created using the Pleione engine?

A: Not sure if I can answer that, DevCat probably has a better understand as to what that engine was used.

Q: I saw a place called "Ascon Family Cemetery". Is that going to be Port Cobh's dungeon or its it just a cemetery like in Tir Chonail?

A: Its just a cemetery at Tir Chonail

Q: Can G14 be started without finishing previous Shakespeare generations?

A: You need to finish the Hamlet storyline.

Q: Will Summon Golem skill be rebalanced at any time in the forseeable future? The nerf was admittedly necessary, but it was so severe that the skill is almost unused now...

A: If we find that the nerf is causing players to not use the Golems anymore we would definitely do another rebalancing but we're going to have to wait and see.

Q: Is there anything in the works to allow experienced players to interact more with new players? I Enjoy helping newbies!

A: It's not something I can answer right now... this would be more towards the content-team.

Q: What type of weapons will the life explorations include? And can they get as powerful as special upgraded weapons?

A: The Life Exploration weapons increase in damage the more Journal entries you obtain, and it gets even stronger with the 5 upgrade option

Q: As taming is getting renewed, what will be the limit to the highest possible tamed monster with maximum variables?

A: Lets just say you can even tame a Demi Lich.

Q: Why aren't ALL of the chairs and benches around Erinn and Iria able to be sat on!? Like in front of Kristell's Church.

A: Hmmm, I guess implementing the functionalty of each chair and bench would take up development time of new content releases and bug fixes.

Q: So is it true that Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan will be released in soldier gachapon or is it still possible to find the Broken Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan in Barri Normal?

A: We'll have a forum post created; let us know if the Butter Fan item is something you guys definitely want... once we figure out the numbers we'll make it available.. if you want the repair kit it will be available through a dungeon, but if you want the fan it will be through a gachapon.

Q: Is the exploration chest event coming back?

A: Again, we're very receptive and if we find that people want certain events or items back, we'll more than accomodate your request.

Q: Will there be a seal stone to Cobh?

A: No, There's no seal stone for Cobh.... dammit there should be one, we're sorry about that...

Q: Are you ever going to fix the problems with dueling, I.E. the broken waiting period, and durability loss?

A: Not too sure about the broken dueling/waiting issue, and the durability loss is something that DevCat needs to figure out and implement.

Q: Will you ever be bringing back limited edition pets, specifically crystal deers?

A: It's very possible

Q: will there ever be a race changing feature in mabinogi?

A: There's nothing in the works for a race change service.

Q: Is there anything being done about the excessive lag and pets being summoned behind walls?

A: The excessive lag is something we're always working on to improve and the Pet summon issue is something we're working on to fix by the next content update.

Editor's Note: Several Questions during the chat were omitted during the reformatting of this page due to them being asked over and over again during the live chat.

Editor's Note 2: Kazo had mentioned at one point that the Extra large gold bags would NOT be implemented, but found out later during the chat that they would, thus why the question appears twice.