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Ores can be gathered by equipping a Pickaxe and mining in Barri Dungeon. They can also be mined after finding ore deposits via L-Rod Exploration in Connous Underground Maze and Solea.

Just like the ore fragments obtained using the Metallurgy skill, 5 ores of the same type can be refined to make an ingot of the same type. You cannot mix ores with ore fragments, for example, you cannot refine 1 Gold Ore and 4 Gold Ore Fragments together to produce a Gold Ingot.

Note: Unlike the other ores which can be mined from any version of Barri Dungeon, Mythril Ores can only be obtained from the Mythril Mine version of Barri Dungeon. However, all ores may be found underground in Iria.

Types of Ore Fragments

There are 5 possible ores that can be obtained via mining and these are given in order of the most common to the rarest: