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Ores are minerals found in veins around Erinn. They can be used for Blacksmithing, Refining, Metal Conversion or Hillwen Engineering.


  • A standard mineral vein contains 7 collections.
  • Ore deposits only regenerate if they are in the overworld, with a few exceptions.
  • In dungeons, deposits appear in groups of 4, either in a room (usually empty, sometimes with pre-spawns and rarely with chests) or in a hallway.
    • The presence and number of Ore Deposit groups in a dungeon is entirely random. There can be as many as four groups on a single floor, or none.
  • There are usually 2 to 5 deposits in each large room of Solea.
Node Number of collections Regenerates?
Connous Underground Maze
7 No
Blackstone Beach 7 Yes
Barri Spirit 5 No
Homestead Stone (Homestead) 10 Per real time day. Resets at 12:00 AM PST.
Homestead Mineral Vein 5 Per real time day. Resets at 12:00 AM PST.
Homestead Hillwen Ore 5? Yes100

Ore Types


  • Gathered by equipping a Pickaxe and Mining them with it.
  • Some ore types require accessing of a specific dungeon in order to be able to gather them
  • You cannot mix Iron Ore.png ores and Iron Ore Fragment.png ore fragments.

Ore Fragments

Comparative chart of refined metals

  • Click on the picture to go to the corresponding page.
Fragment Ore Ingot Bar Plate
Iron Ore Fragment.png Iron Ore.png Iron Ingot.png Iron Bar.png Iron Plate.png
Copper Ore Fragment.png Copper Ore.png Copper Ingot.png Copper Bar.png Copper Plate.png
Silver Ore Fragment.png Silver Ore.png Silver Ingot.png Silver Bar.png Silver Plate.png
Gold Ore Fragment.png Gold Ore.png Gold Ingot.png Gold Bar.png Gold Plate.png
Mythril Ore Fragment.png Mythril Ore.png Mythril Ingot.png Mythril Bar.png Mythril Plate.png

Node Types



  • These nodes of a rarer type only occur in Barri dungeon. They have lower rates of Iron Ore occuring.

Hillwen Ore

  • These nodes only occur in Hillwen Mine and regenerate over time after being depleted.
  • Varying sizes of them occur within the mine. The floor they are found on, as well as their size, determines the type of ores found and their rates.


See Metallurgy for more information.

Location and Probability

Tool Upgrades

  • Copper, Silver, and Gold Upgrades for the Pickaxe increases the chance of receiving that Ore.
    • Copper Upgrade increases gathering of Copper by 20%, creating an 17.77% chance of receiving Copper Ore.
    • Silver Upgrade increases gathering of Silver by 30%, creating a 9.62% chance of receiving Silver Ore.
    • Gold Upgrade increases gathering of Gold by 40%, creating a 5.18% chance of receiving Gold Ore.
  • Mythril Ore is obtained from Barri Dungeon's Mythril Mine's Mythril Ore Deposits, which has a 100% finding rate. It can also be found in Barri Advanced, Solea and Ant Hell.
    • Mythril Ore deposits appear much less frequently than regular ore deposits in the caves.
    • The Mythril Mine can only be accessed during the Generation 2 Quest Mythril Armor.


  • A Pickaxe must be equipped to collect.
Location Iron Ore Rate Copper Ore Rate Silver Ore Rate Gold Ore Rate Mythril Ore Rate Extra Item
Barri Dungeon (Normal Node) 74.07% 14.82% 7.41% 3.70% N/A None
Solea 74.07% 14.82% 7.41% 3.70% (??%)
Connous Underground Maze 74.07% 14.82% 7.41% 3.70% (??%)
Rare Node (ORE) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%)
Mythril Mine N/A 100%
Blackstone Beach 50% 20% 10% 5% /NA Spirit Transformation Stone 15%
Barri Spirit Fossil Dungeon (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) Ancient Spirit Fossil (??%)

Location Low-Grade Cuilin Stone Rate Common Cuilin Stone Rate Fine Cuilin Stone Rate Finest Cuilin Stone Rate Earth Crystal Rate
Sliab Cuilin 58.30% 25.00% N/A 16.70%
Sliab Cuilin (Shadow) 41.24% 30.93% 9.28% 3.09% 15.46%

Location Ore Type Ore Rate Fossil Rate
Sulfur Pits Sulfur Ore 90.91% 9.09%
Sulfur Golem Sulfur Ore 50.00% 50.00%
Raspa Volcano (Rainy Weather only) Flint ?% ?%

Guaranteed Mining

Node Location Rate
Castle Building Stones Dugald Aisle (rocks along the south part) 100%
Moon Stone Piece Residential Area (Castle)


Location Iron Fragment Rate Copper Fragment Rate Silver Fragment Rate Gold Fragment Rate Mythril Fragment Rate Extra Item
Gather Failure (any area) N/A Unknown Ore Fragment (100%)
White Sparkling Spot 40%% 30% 10% 10% 10% N/A
Gold Sparkling Spot 20% 40% 10% 10% 15% N/A
Crystal Golem (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) White Crystal (??%)
Amethyst Golem (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) Black Crystal (??%)
Scuabtuinne (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) Gemstone (??%)
Sparkling Glass Marble (??%)
Decaying Swamp (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%) N/A

Rare Mineralogy

  • The amount of collections varies depending on the size of the Mineral vein.
  • A Mining Drill must be equipped to collect.
Location Tin Rate Zinc Rate Nickel Rate Hillwen Ore Fragment Rate
Gather Bonus (any area) N/A Soft Hillwen Ore Fragment (??%)
Hillwen Mine B1 (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%)
Hillwen Mine B2 (Small Node) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%)
Hillwen Mine B2 (Medium Node) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%)
Hillwen Mine B2 (Large Node) (??%) (??%) (??%) (??%)
Hillwen Mine B3 (Largest Node) N/A (100%)


  • Gold and Mythril used to be indistinguishable from each other.
  • Mythril Thread used to be known as Mythril Cable.