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Pet Training Kit

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Inventory icon of Pet Training Kit

2 × 2
Stack: 10

A kit that allows you to train the skills of an animal character. Warning: using this item twice does NOT double its effect.


  • Potentially increases 1 rank of up to 3 skills.
    • When used, at least 1 skill will always be ranked up.
  • Consequently, this item may decrease the rank of up to 3 skills.
    • The number of skills decreased will never be greater than the number of ranks increased.
  • Using 2 kits will not stack the effects. Instead, the second kit erases the effects of the first one completely, creating a new random set of effects.
    • Rebirthing the pet will not remove the rank changes.
  • Skills which have had their ranks changed do not increase/decrease the stats of a pet (e.g. Ranking Combat Mastery to Rank 5 will not give the pet +2Str and +2dex).

Methods to Obtain

Item Shop

  • Can be purchased for 2500 NX.