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Remote Alchemy House Coupon

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Inventory icon of Remote Alchemy House Coupon

1 × 1
Stack: 5

A convenient coupon that allows you to use the Alchemy House from a remote place. You cannot relocate while using the Alchemy House, and it is a consumable item that cannot be opened more than once.

  • Resell Value is 0g. An NPC will offer 0g but attempting to complete the sale results in the following message "This item cannot be sold at the shop." and the sale cannot be completed.

Methods to Obtain


  • Can be bought from the in-game Item Shop. Sold either as a single coupon for 200 NX or stack of five for 800 NX.
    • Note: In the Item Shop it is called a "Remote Alchemist Coupon."

Used In

Remote Shop

  • Used to provide access to an alchemy shop from wherever a player is located, without having to find an NPC that provides such a shop.
  • This is basically Eabha's alchemist shop. Nothing is different between the two shops.
Item Price (g)
Cylinder 2,400
Item Price (g)
Fire Crystal x 10 100
Fire Crystal x 50 500
Water Crystal x 10 100
Water Crystal x 50 500
Wind Crystal x 10 100
Wind Crystal x 50 500
Earth Crystal x 10 100
Earth Crystal x 50 500