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Ruelle/Special Responses

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For information on Ruelle in general, return to the Ruelle NPC page.

This page lists all of Ruelle's Pan Speech Bubble Sticker.png special responses.

Equipment Responses

Dragon Knight Sword

Say, (Character Name), the weapon you've got there...
It's big and stylish, and anyone with good taste would think it looks cool...
So then... why do I get this sad feeling when I see it? Yeesh... maybe I'm getting more sentimental with every year.

Gifting Responses

Any Item

(Ruelle smiles blithely, looking at what you handed her.)

Hey, what's this all about, (Character Name)? Wait... are you giving this to me? Just like that?
Umm, I mean, that's really swell of you and all, but... I'm already in your debt for all your help.
So how 'bout this? You keep the gift, but I'll take the heart behind it.

Overworld Quotes

  • Ahh, a perfect day for an adventure! I just have to convince the others...
  • Heya, what's going on? You got some business here or something?
  • I read a book from that bookstore over there, and I[sic] now I'm wondering what this 'Tir Na Nog' is really like...