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Sealed Dragon Pet Box

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Banner for the Sealed Dragon Pet Box.


The Fairy Dragon pets have emerged from the deep forests of Erinn! These special pets are a must have for those Milletians who specialize in Music Skills or are looking for a magical new companion! If the Fairy Dragons aren't your thing, there are also new summer-themed Corgis! Check out the details below.[1][2]

Basic Information

Web Shop Icon
Inventory icon of Sealed Dragon Pet Box

2 × 2
Stack: 100

Name Sealed Dragon Pet Box
Description A box patterned on an enigmatic dragon that has slumbered through many ages. Use it for a chance to obtain one of a variety of Pet Whistles (probability varies by item) including a Red Fairy Dragon Whistle, Blue Fairy Dragon Whistle, and Green Fairy Dragon Whistle.
Sold By None NPC Resale Value ? G
Obtained From
  • Item Shop (Limited Time availability from July 28, 2022 - August 25, 2022 for 4,900 NX)
  • Can also be bought from the Web Shop for 14,700 NX for 3 or 45,000 NX for 10.

Bonus System

File:Sealed Dragon Pet Box Bonus Event.png
Sealed Dragon Pet Box Bonus Point Event with 5 bonus points earned.
File:Sealed Dragon Pet Box Bonus Event Info.png
Sealed Dragon Pet Box Bonus Point Event Benefits View.
  • Buy and open up a certain amount of Sealed Dragon Pet Boxes to get bonus rewards.
  • Bonus points are only given during the duration of the sale.
  • The Sealed Dragon Pet Box must be opened during the sale period to receive the bonus points and bonus rewards.
  • Each Sealed Dragon Pet Box opened will give you 1 Bonus Point.
  • Items received from the Sealed Dragon Pet Box will be stored in the Point Inventory.
  • The Bonus Points window can also be viewed through the Point Inventory window.
Points Prize awarded
3 Gift Box - Yellow Red.png
Fairy Dragon Chair Selection Box New!
Choose one of the following chairs:
Red Fairy Dragon Chair.png
Red Fairy Dragon Chair
Red Fairy Dragon Chair preview.png
Red Fairy Dragon Chair preview
Green Fairy Dragon Chair.png
Green Fairy Dragon Chair
Green Fairy Dragon Chair preview.png
Green Fairy Dragon Chair preview
Blue Fairy Dragon Chair.png
Blue Fairy Dragon Chair
Blue Fairy Dragon Chair preview.png
Blue Fairy Dragon Chair preview
5 Fixed Dye Ampoule Set (Event).png
Fixed Dye Ampoule Set (Event)
(Quantity: 10)
8 Glimmering Golden Supplement.png
Glimmering Golden Supplement
(Quantity: 2)
10 Fairy Dragon Whistle.png
Fairy Dragon Whistle New!
Fairy Dragon Whistle preview.png
Fairy Dragon Whistle preview
(The Fairy Dragon pet shares the same stats and skills as the other Fairy Dragons,
except for the specialty skills that empowers certain Music skills.)
  • The player must press the "BONUS" button to claim the 10 point prize. The item is then sent to Point Inventory.
    • The player is prevented from opening more Sealed Dragon Pet Boxes until this is done.

Fairy Dragon Skills and Details

  • When summoned, a Fairy Dragon pet will bind nearby enemies for 5 seconds.
  • A summoned Fairy Dragon pet (all types) has the following skills:
    • Sonic Breath [Active Skill]: Deals fixed damage to up to 8 enemies surrounding the Fairy Dragon. Enemies hit by this attack focus their attention on the Fairy Dragon, and their movement speed is temporarily reduced.
    • Sonic Wave [Passive Skill]: Increases the owner's Music Buff Effect by 3.
    • Musical Accompaniment [Active Skill]: The Fairy Dragon sings joyfully.
  • You can also using the following skills while mounted on a Fairy Dragon:
    • Enduring Melody
    • Harvest Song
    • Battlefield Overture
    • Vivace
    • March Song
  • Each Fairy Dragon has a different specialty skill, depending on the Dragon's color:
    • Red Fairy Dragon - [Passive] Harmony of Valor
      • Empowers the effect of Battlefield Overture by 2.
    • Green Fairy Dragon - [Passive] Harmony of Abundance
      • Empowers the effect of Harvest Song by 2.
    • Blue Fairy Dragon - [Passive] Harmony of Swiftness
      • Empowers the effect of Vivace by 2.
  • The Fairy Dragon pets can be mounted and cannot fly.
  • The Fairy Dragon pet's movement speed and passive Running Boost is faster than Corgi pets, but slower than KartRider pets.
  • When created, the Fairy Dragon pet will have the following stats:
    • Pet Type: Creature/Medium/Terrestrial/Dragon
    • Summoning Time: 90 minutes
    • Inventory Bag Size: 10x10
    • HP: 390
    • MP: 320
    • Stamina: 250
    • STR: 71
    • INT: 154
    • DEX: 42
    • Will: 43
    • Luck: 40
    • Damage: 40-50
    • Magic Attack: 28
    • Injury Rate: 3.0% - 10.0%
    • Critical: 29.3%
    • Balance: 52%
    • Defense: 44
    • Protection: 35
    • Magic Defense: 3
    • Magic Protection: 7
    • Armor Pierce: 2


  • Every Sealed Dragon Pet Box opened will reward you with one pet whistle from the below list, and 1 bonus point to use in the box's bonus event.
Pet Whistles
New Red Fairy Dragon Whistle.png
Red Fairy Dragon Whistle
Red Fairy Dragon preview.png
Red Fairy Dragon preview
Green Fairy Dragon Whistle.png
Green Fairy Dragon Whistle
Green Fairy Dragon preview.png
Green Fairy Dragon preview
Blue Fairy Dragon Whistle.png
Blue Fairy Dragon Whistle
Blue Fairy Dragon preview.png
Blue Fairy Dragon preview
Summer Warrior Corgi Whistle.png
Summer Warrior Corgi Whistle
Summer Warrior Corgi preview.png
Summer Warrior Corgi preview
Summer Wizard Corgi Whistle.png
Summer Wizard Corgi Whistle
Summer Wizard Corgi preview.png
Summer Wizard Corgi preview
Existing Red Pet Whistle.png
Young Ceraunus Whistle
Young Ceraunus Preview.png
Young Ceraunus preview
Aloha Whistle.png
Vacation Scooter Imp Whistle
Vacation Scooter Imp preview.png
Vacation Scooter Imp preview
Red Pet Whistle.png
Spirit of Tuan Whistle
Spirit of Tuan preview.png
Spirit of Tuan preview
Astral Pet Whistle.png
Astral Nimbus Whistle
Astral Nimbus1.png
Astral Nimbus preview
Fantasia Whistle.png
Alto Whistle
Band Pet Whistle.png
Band Scooter Whistle
Band Scooter preview.png
Band Scooter preview
Band Pet Whistle.png
Band Conductor Sheep Whistle
Band Conductor Sheep preview.png
Band Conductor Sheep preview
Band Pet Whistle.png
Band Golden Mare Whistle
Band Golden Mare preview.png
Band Golden Mare preview

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