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Second Memory Fragment

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  • Part of the Memento Storyline Quest
  • Enn will request you to find another Cube
    • The cube is straight north, at the same place as it was on the previous Shadow Mission.
    • The objective will be marked by a purple square on your map.
  • Hitting the tree on your route will yield Powder of Harmony. Using it will cause all monsters to lose aggro.
    • There is a variable limit to the number of Powders that the tree will give.
    • All Powders of Harmony in your inventory will disappear upon leaving the Shadow Mission.
  • Avoid going near the Form of Gloom that are nearby. The debuff will desummon your pet and decrease your speed temporarily.
  • 4 black-maned Form of Nightmares will stand around the Cube.
  • Defeating the first wave will summon 6 more Form of Nightmares, three red-maned and three blue-maned.
  • Touch the cube to view another memory. Afterwards, you may click "Exit" to exit the Shadow Mission.
  • The difficulty of this mission is set to Basic

Mission Information

  • Mission Level: Basic
  • Time Limit: None
  • Party Size: 1
  • Talent Level: Fledgling+
  • Mission Details: Go and retrieve Enn's second memory.



EXP Gold
Basic 12000 1000G