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Ski Jump Event (2011)

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For the other Mabinogi Winter Olympics event, see Ski Racing Slalom Event (2011).
December 7th, 2011 - December 22nd
Year of the Black Dragon Event: March 15th - ... (threshold lowered to 1,600, different prizes)


Jump the highest and land with a score of 1,900 or better to nab a festive Reindeer Robe!

Can't seem to jump that high? No worries! You can trade your score in for a Gachapon! Enjoy the thrill of victory at the Mabinogi Winter Olympics! [1]


Ski Jump Example.png
  • This event is part of the Mabinogi Winter Olympics.
  • Purchase a Ski Jump Ticket from the Event Helpers
    • They may be purchased for 100 g at the bottom of the hill or 500 g at the top.
  • Hit the flag pole at the bottom of the hill to be taken up the slope.
  • There are two slopes. Slope 1 is easier than Slope 2.
    • Slope 1 is located to the west while Slope 2 is to the east.
  • The letters A,S,D will appear along the slope path which must be pressed as you go by.
    • The spacebar is used at the jump point as well as the landing.
  • To receive a gift box you must get a score of at least 1800. You receive the gift box from the NPC at the bottom of the slope.
  • To receive a Giant Reindeer Antler Hairband you must achieve a score of at least 1900. You may still receive a gift box.
    • You may only receive one Giant Reindeer Antler Hairband.

Gift Box Rewards


  • Purchasing your Ski Jump Ticket from the Event Helper at the bottom of the hill where players land will save you 400 g a ticket.
  • Reselling your Ski Jump Ticket after it has been used will allow you recover 50 g.
  • Try to press the A, S, D keys immediately after you pass the line for the key. The closer you are the better your jump will be.
    • There are 3 effects to indicate successes, the first being a bright blue effect for perfects, a simple blue effect for OKs, and kicked up snow cloud for fails.
  • How you land has a big effect on your score. Better landings equal better score increase from style. A bad landing will mean a crash and very few style points.